Dating Tips for Men: The Ones You Forget About

There are the old standbys that men everywhere use when they cruise out for the first date, or even second and third dates.  However, there are some classic advice tips that never really go out of style, even in today’s day and age.  Here are just a few underrated dating tips for men.

1) Look Neat:  I point this out, not to be self evident, but because it see this rule broken so often.  Seriously, if there’s one thing worth dressing up for, it’s definitely going out on a date.  You don’t want to show up looking grimy or disgusting.  Wear something impressive, but more than anything make sure that you look clean.

2) Don’t be Creepy: Again, maybe this one is a little obvious, but you would be really surprised how ridiculously easy it is to sound like a creep on a date.  Don’t get too personal, or weird, and definitely don’t come on too strong.  Stay calm and don’t be uptight!

3) Be Sincere: Women have an especially strong radar for bullshit and they can smell it from a mile away.  Don’t lie because it just isn’t worth it.  Your best bet is to stay honest and genuine.  Sincerity goes a long way with people everywhere and it’s especially true when you’re out on a date.  All in all, it will be worth it.

4) Confidence is King: C’mon—back straight, shoulders up, no muttering, make friendly eye contact—that sort of thing.  “Mousey” is not an attractive quality!  Puff out your chest a little bit (metaphorically speaking) and sell yourself a little.  Of course, make sure you don’t teeter into arrogant-douchebag territory, because no one likes that.  Combine sincerity and confidence and you might just have yourself a winning combination on your hands!

5) Be Interesting: This last one might be a hard one to sell if you aren’t confidant, but it’s miserable to sit across from a person that you find boring.  Don’t get too weird or anything, but show that you have something to offer as far as personality goes.  Without crossing into creepy territory, maybe now would be a good time to talk about any interesting hobbies.

This might not be the most comprehensive list of dating tips, but these are very basic rules that everyone should follow on a date.  In fact, you should probably act this way all the time  Just keep these underrated dating tips for men in mind when you’re out in the dating game and you should be golden.


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