Premature Ejaculation Treatment – Is There Hope For a Cure?

Young attractive happy amorous couple at bedroomMany men suffer from the premature ejaculation problems, but many also suffer from the idea that no premature ejaculation treatment exists. The good news is, they are wrong. They can find a premature ejaculation treatment that works for them.

There is no one premature ejaculation treatment because different men experience P.E. for different reasons. But there are several that work, depending on the root cause of the man’s problem.

One of the treatments that has worked for many men is serotonin supplementation. It has been found that premature ejaculation can happen as a result of there being too little serotonin in the brain. This can also be a cause of anxiety disorders, which themselves are sometimes linked to causing P.E. problems. Serotonin supplements can be prescription pharmaceuticals called SSRIs or they can be all-natural herbal supplements. When the brain has sufficient amounts of serotonin kept within it, painful and pleasurable sensations are dulled (not in the nerve endings of the body but in the brain’s perception). This allows a man to be able to delay the point where his brain’s instinctive ejaculation trigger decides that it’s time to ejaculate and sends the signal down the spine to induce the spinal reflexive reaction that causes ejaculation.

But when serotonin supplementation is not the answer, there are exercises that a man can do to enable him to physically delay ejaculation. One of these is masturbating in such as way so as to master the start-and-stop technique.

By masturbating as a means of practicing for sexual intercourse, a man learns more about his own body and his own reactions to stimulation, and he can learn to control the amount of stimulation of his penis at just the right point so that he backs off from “going over the edge”. By stopping stimulation just before he would climax totally, then starting to climb toward that peak with more stimulation a moment later, he can prolong intercourse and the woman’s pleasure and deepen his own emotional and eventual physical satisfaction with sex.

A man can also practice clenching his PC muscle so that during intercourse he can cut off the flow of semen just before or during his orgasm. Once he can clench his PC muscle at will, he can greatly prolong intercourse and possibly experience multiple orgasms himself.

And yet another premature ejaculation treatment is a whole-body-attention exercise. One of the leading causes of P.E. is the man rushing through sex, focusing mostly on the genitals and penetration, instead of slowly paying attention to his woman’s entire body. The song where the woman sings about wanting a man with a slow hand refers to this. Women do sometimes want a “quickie” as men do, but usually a woman needs more whole-body attention with kissing, sucking, caressing, and other kinds of touch to get fully aroused, and when she reaches that point she can reach orgasm much more quickly when intercourse is engaged in. So by learning to delay his need for orgasmic gratification, the man can learn how to fulfill his woman’s needs and with them fulfill himself emotionally.

These are just three of the proven premature ejaculation treatment techniques that a man can try. When he finds the right one, it will work.

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