Satisfy a Woman Sexually- The 3 P’s For Men to Always Follow In Bed

The pressure of pleasing a woman in bed can be daunting even for the biggest ‘players’ out there. You’ve no doubt worried at some point if you are doing it right, if you’re doing it long enough, or if you’re doing anything for her at all. There are some important things to remember if you want to satisfy a woman sexually that should be followed almost every time you get her into bed.

1. PRAISE: Vocalize for her- Sex doesn’t necessarily need to be loud and overacted but giving your woman some confidence and praise always helps. Whether you tell her how beautiful she is, how you couldn’t wait all day to taste her body, or how great she is at well, ‘bleeping’ you, make sure you always say what you’re feeling. Making a woman feel special by not just your physical expressions is a great way to ensure to us that you aren’t just another guy getting off on us getting on you. She’ll never get sick of hearing what she does best and why you love it so much.

2. PHILANTHROPY: Don’t Be Selfish- So you’ve been giving a lot lately and you feel it’s your turn for a change? You might be right… BUT, offer anyway. A woman who knows that her man is constantly willing to be generous is more likely to feel less stressed and more giving herself. The more you do- the more you get in return. Even if you just offer and she doesn’t take you up on it, the gesture of trying will go a long way in her memory bank.

3. PATIENCE: Take Your Time- Anything worth doing to a woman is worth doing right. If you are getting ready to give oral to your partner, do it with full knowledge it could take a while or don’t do it at all. Females generally take a lot longer to heat up and get even close to a REAL orgasm- so don’t panic. Take your time and find out what works and what doesn’t. If you’re willing to spend the time down there, she’ll be willing to give you pointers without it being awkward. If she can sense you’re even a little impatient or uncomfortable, she will tense up and ultimately you will fail in your task of pleasing her. (Apply this rule to anything you do to satisfy her, not just oral sex.)

Remember these 3 important tips to satisfy a woman sexually and you’ll be on the road to in-the-sack-success. The 3 p’s I have just told you about are an easy set of rules for every man to follow, for every woman. Put them into practice and see just how happy she can be!

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