Giving The Perfect Foot Massage

If you do it right, giving the perfect foot massage will definitely produce a smile. A foot massage in Eastern medicine falls under the practice of reflexology. This is considered a natural healing art that uses pressure points on the feet (as well as the hands and ears) which correlate with organs and other referral locations throughout the body. It improves circulation, enhances the immune system and generates an overall feeling of well being. In fact, British physiologist B.S.M. Frankel conducted a 1997 study of the effects of reflexology and foot massage on the body. It resulted in showing that pressure sensors in the feet are linked to the same part of the brain as the baroreceptor reflex which controls blood pressure.


Simply grabbing someone’s feet and poking at them can end the massage before it starts. Set up the proper atmosphere first. Dim the lights, shut off the phones, light candles, burn incense and play soft background music. Make sure the feet are washed and if ticklish, covered by a sock or sheet. Place one at a time in your lap making sure you have support for your back.


Wet a washcloth, wring it out and heat in the microwave for one minute. Make sure it is not too hot and apply to both feet until it cools. Start by gently pressing your palms and fists into the soles. If the foot is not covered use massage cream or oil. Also, do not forget to press around the ankles and slightly above into the lower leg.


As you work your palms and fists you can soon begin to grab and press on specific areas. The thumbs work best as they are less invasive.  Press into and along the heel which is the point that correlates with lower back and sciatica pain. Work your way toward the toes gently pressing from right to left all the way along the bottom of the foot.  Here you will manipulate points that can change the energy in the intestines, stomach, liver, spleen, heart, lungs and kidneys. The toes work the brain and sinuses but can be very sensitive.  Gently squeeze the head of each toe and hold for a few seconds. Also, don’t forget to press points on the top of the foot and all around the ankles as well.

Knead Some Need

Once you have done your point work you can grab and knead the entire foot as if it were clay. Gently squeeze and pull being sure to run your hands up above the ankles and back down toward the toes. Ending with a few drops of essential oil (found in health food stores) like lavender, peppermint or lemon is a great touch.

Giving the perfect foot massage is not about getting to play pee-pee party it is a way to relax your partner and show them you care. Many people often fall asleep or even see images in their mind. After you’re done then you can nicely ask for a blowjob.


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