4 Tips for Buying Red Wine

Maybe it looked good on T.V. or at a party or maybe you consider yourself a connoisseur, either way these 4 tips for buying red wine are useful. Uncorking a full bodied Syrah or being able to notice the various fruits and woods used in the wine making process can be a huge gustatory talent. Some women get a clitty when their man is capable of ordering and informing about a superb red wine however most are into white wine or sweet liquor. Knowing your red wine will most likely impress other men and as gay as that sounds it does come in handy when doing business.

1. Take it Lying Down
When purchasing wine, try to pick one that is lying on its side especially if it is a corked bottle. Many stores stand wine upright so they are easier to see. Their school of thought is that the wine sells quickly enough that laying them on their side is not necessary. Regardless, a wine lying in the proper position is always your best bet in making sure unnecessary oxygen has not entered and ruined it.

2. The Bite
Red wine has many flavors and nuances that will become more apparent as you continue to imbibe. Determining the proper strength and how it may go with the food you are eating is essential. Red wine works best with robust dishes such as those containing cheese, red meat and pasta sauce or spicy dishes with many herbs and flavors. Full bodied, intense red wines include: Shiraz, Red Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon. Lighter red wines are usually Beaujolais, Chianti or some red table wines.

3. Year and Region
Wine can be mighty expensive however price does not always beget quality. The year is a good indication of the harvest in that region for that time. Unless you are able to research this particular nuance do not be too concerned. Anything within the five to ten year range is fine. Until you are able to decipher the precise timing of weather and its effects on that year’s crop in a hundred dollar plus bottle, you can find some amazing red wines from around the globe for as little as twelve to twenty-five dollars. Here are some top quality sellers recommended from Food & Wine, “50 Wines You Can Always Trust”:

• Blackstone Winery California Merlot
• Clos Du Bois Sonoma County Pinot Noir
• Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Merlot
• Jacob’s Creek Shiraz
• Bodega Norton Reserva Malbec
• Ruffino Chianti
• Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel

4. Taste the Berry
Not her berry, yet. Keep an eye open for local wine store tastings. You get to sample and learn about many different varieties while also sampling cheese, grapes and crackers to boot. Chances are you will purchase a few bottles knowing exactly how they taste.

These 4 tips for buying red wine will assist you in deciphering what is best. Also ask for recommendations in a wine store. There is often a passion for what they sell and they are always happy to help.


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