Hair Loss Treatment: Is Surgery the Cure for Me?

istock_000003621804xsmallYou’ve tried everything it seems. You’ve bought the lotions, applied the potions and swallowed every pill the doctor recommended and prescribed for you. You’ve tried to comb your hair every which way to hide the balding but it ends up looking more ridiculous than it would to just let the bald spots shine in the sun! The “natural” hair concealers didn’t look so natural and you’re at your wits end. When you you’ve tried every hair loss remedy known to man and all they’ve left you with is less hair on your head and lower self esteem, you may finally be thinking to yourself about hair loss surgery and asking yourself, “Is surgery the cure for me?”

Hair transplants have come a long way since the ever popular “hair plugs” of the 60’s! Although plugs are certainly a viable option, there have been many advances in the technique of hair restoration surgeries and now are being performed as less invasive with shorter recovery times, and even better, FASTER results! One such option is a new surgery where grafts of hair bearing skin are taken from certain areas of the head and neck commonly referred to as “donor” areas. By taking small grafts of skin with 2 to 4 hairs, (some doctors prefer to use 3 to 6), and grafting them to the areas where hair is needed, (“recipient” areas) the hair blends in naturally as it starts to grow AND grows at the same rate as the other hairs. Typically this type of surgery is usually performed as outpatient and results can be seen in as little as a month. Complications from the surgery are minor and normally consist of the risk of infection, swelling at the site, some itchiness due to scabbing but along with light scarring you may have, these things can be covered by your new hair growth! Typically you may also feel some numb spots at the top of your head bit they typically go away within 2 to 8 months of treatments. The benefits from deciding to have the surgery are numerous and permanent. There’s always a risk that the surgery may not produce results for you but out of 100 surgeries performed, only 8% of the recipient area rejected the graft.

While deciding to have hair restoration surgery may be costly, sometimes the benefit of regaining a full head of hair can far out weight the expense. With modern technology and the regular use of lasers, every day scientists in the health industry are making great strides in discovery better and faster ways to provide men (and women) with a head of hair they rightly deserve. New techniques are making recovery and result times faster, and the procedure itself is becoming less invasive as time goes on. The decision to have hair loss surgery is a very personal one and researching a doctor or clinic is essential in order to make a decision that you are comfortable with. Ask questions, take notes, do a little inve3stigating on your own so when the time comes to make a decision, you’ll feel confident that you’ve made the right choice FOR YOU!

Hair loss restoration surgery should only be used as an alternative when all other means of regaining hair growth have failed. Talk to your physician about his/her recommendation for a reputable hair replacement surgeon in your area. You just may be able to answer your own question, “is surgery the right cure for me?” with a resounding YES!

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