Top 5 Love Songs To Romance Any Woman

Forget Elton John, Billy Joel, and Stevie Wonder. Forget the cheesy lyrics and overplayed songs on old TV shows and at weddings. These are the top 5 love songs that you and your woman can BOTH enjoy without feeling the awkward sense that Elton is playing his piano in the background. Pick from any genre of music and even throw in some of our honorable mentions as you explore our list (in no particular order).

1. ‘I’ll Be’ By: Edwin McCain- This is one of the best love songs that it’s hard to believe it has only been around since 1998. There is nothing cheesy about this soft rock ballad sung by a great voice and topped off with non-cheesy and meaningful lyrics.

2. ‘I Believe’ By: Blessid Union of Souls- This song by the under-rated band Blessid Union has possibly the most beautiful instrumentals of any romance song out there. The first 30 seconds before any lyrical or vocal induction begins is enough to land this on our list. Add in the extreme message of love, hope, and strength and you have a masterpiece. It has also been used in countless tributes for 9/11.

3. ‘All My Life’ By: K-Ci & JoJo- This R&B ballad mixed with a soulful sound makes our list by the sheer popularity it gained in the 90’s. Recognizable by almost anyone, it fits the bill perfectly. This song is sure to make you and your partner feel good and ready for the rest of your romantic night. It is also a great song to dance to!

4. ‘Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ By: Aerosmith- Not only does nearly every woman on the planet MELT for Steven Tyler’s voice, but we all loved the movie Armageddon too. It moved us to tears with its love story between friends, daughter and father, and lovers. Diane Warren is one of the world’s best song writers and this is proof why. This song will never let you down.

5. ‘Amazed’ By: Lonestar- This country classic from 1999 is one of the most popular at wedding ceremonies, dances, and high school proms. It doesn’t end there. This is a great one to put on during a romantic dinner or even in the car on the way to your date night out. It’s numerous awards and several remakes from all different genres don’t lie.

Honorable Mention:
‘From This Moment’ By:  Shania Twain
‘(Everything I Do) I Do It for You’ By: Bryan Adams
‘Because You Loved Me’ By: Celine Dion
‘Unchained Melody’ By: The Righteous Brothers
‘I Knew I Loved You’ & ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ By: Savage Garden

So as you can see, you can find some timeless classic love ballads to romance any woman and enjoy them yourself as well. These top 5 love songs are all coincidentally from the 1990’s as well as all of our honorable mentions (excluding The Righteous Brothers). The 90’s were a time of great music, numerous masterpieces, originality, and passion. Any one of these songs will be sure to impress and romance the lady of your dreams and get you major points for knowing exactly what to play to awe her.


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