Great Foreplay Tips: Earn Brownie Points With Your Woman

There is and always will be a huge conundrum when it comes to men and women having sex. We are from different worlds! Rarely do women feel like having sex just to have sex. Our passion and drive comes from several different factors very different from a male’s perspective. The good news is that you men are forgetting that there is an easy way to arouse a woman and get her in the right mood. There are several great foreplay tips that you are skipping; some of you may even really enjoy them! Don’t get in a rut of going straight to the dirty when there are easy and fun ways to get the woman of your dreams ready and willing!

Words speak louder than actions- Now don’t take this too literally but words are the most important start to getting a woman ready for bed duty. This can start as early as the night before the big act or as late as dinner or even the heated hallway tripping and kissing session on the way to the bedroom. First of all, women LOVE compliments; if she says she doesn’t, she’s lying. Nothing is better than filling us up with emotionally charged egos before we get ready to rock your world. Make sure you tell her exactly what it is you love about her, what you need from her, what you want to do FOR her, not TO her, and make sure to pick special things about her body that you can’t get enough of.

Exploration- This is your chance men!!! Why are you guys skipping the most sensual and fun part of sex? Don’t think of it as you giving her pleasure, think of it as a sexual exploration of every inch of her body. You get to kiss, lick, nibble, and suck every part of your gorgeous girlfriend, hook up, or wife and get major brownie points while doing it! If she tries too early to turn the tables and take charge- don’t let her! Hold her arms down and tell her you need to ‘taste every inch of her skin until you can do anything else’. Trust me she’ll remember this act of kindness and romantic sensuality for a long time. Bite down or nibble harder on the parts of her you love the most (i.e. hipbones, nipples, low back, etc.).  You don’t have to do this every time you have sex, but treat her once in a while to this wonderful foreplay pleasure.

Go Back to High School- This may sound horribly out of context but really, think about it. How heated did you and your old girlfriend get making out on the couch during a crappy movie with all your clothes on? So take a trip down HS Lane. Before dinner or your movie, get her all worked up by making out with her on the couch but not taking any clothes off. Charge her senses through her clothes and watch how eager she is to jump in the sack later that night!

These great foreplay tips will not only get your girl emotionally and sexually ready and willing to please you right back, but it may even be fun for you! Who wouldn’t want a woman who is filled with compliments and heated from a pleasure fest of making out and having her man bow down before her body and treat her like the Goddess she is? So next time you want to let Mr. Big lead the charge and go straight for the glory hole, please don’t. Tell him to calm the F down and remember how amazing you’ll both feel after your sexual explorations!

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