The 5 Best Kettlebell Workouts

Every guy is either looking or dreaming of a way to sculpt their muscles into a pussy magnet. Let’s face it, women respond to flat abs, big biceps and a chest they can grab onto when riding you on top. The kettlebell has gotten a lot of attention over the years as it creates a challenged, result oriented workout worthy of some of the most pricey gym memberships. In fact, the 2009 American Council of Exercise (ACE) mentioned the kettlebell as the top ten fitness trends that is, “…a great way to get a whole body workout, in a relatively short period of time.” Below are the 5 best kettlebell workouts to get your toned body toner or your fat ass back in shape.

1. Bend and Push

Grab the kettlebell and hang it over your shoulder as if you are going to carry it. Bend to the side placing your opposite forearm on the top of your upper leg. From this position push the kettlebell into a straight armed extension as if you were simply raising your hand in school. Now, without lowering your arm, stand into a straight position and hold for about five seconds. Repeat. 5 sets/10 reps, per side.

2. Sack-n-Swing

Bending at the waist, hang the kettlebell from one hand between your legs. Swing it under your legs, extending it as far back as you can without hitting your ball sack. Explode into a straight armed swing while standing up, pushing your hips forward and hyper-extending your back. At the end of this move you will be standing with your arm (holding the kettlebell) extended straight above your head. Opening your hand at the end of this movement and allowing the kettlebell to rest between your thumb and index finger will extend the move even more. Hold briefly and repeat.  5 sets/10 reps, per side.

3. Squat Extension

Hold the kettlebell in an extended arm position above your head (again, as if raising your hand. Squat deep. 3 sets/8 reps, per side.

4. Squat Press

Grab two kettlebells (if you only have one this can be done each arm at a time). Let them hang by your side and position into a deep squat. Extend both arms in front of you, stand up and hold for five one-thousand. 3 sets/8 reps

5. Bend Back Throw

You must have space for this exercise or you will kill someone. Hold the kettlebell at your side. Slowly swing it and then extend your body back while at the same time swinging your arm up and back releasing the kettlebell behind you. If you have multiple kettlebells position them lowest to highest weight and throw one after the other. 3 sets each. It is the offset of the center of gravity that makes the kettlebell so unique. Unlike gym machines it incorporates a variety of stabilizing muscles as well as the target muscle. Try the 5 best kettlebell workouts and in a few short months your mirror won’t lie.

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