Tantric Sex: Connect and Hang On

Most men look forward to the final minutes of sex. The sweaty, thrusting and pumping scenario that brings on a guttural, knee weakening release. Unfortunately, the woman is often left unsatisfied with approximately 60% faking orgasm according to a doctoral study by Temple University student Erin Cooper. Because the female mind and body is way more sensitive than a male, incorporating the practice of tantric sex may just be the key you are looking for to give her the pleasure she yearns.

What is Tantric Sex?

The word ‘tantra’ means, “…to manifest, to advance, to show and to weave”. It is the root of tantric sex, a 6,000 year old practice (originated in India) when two people erotically connect, share and transform through body, mind and spirit.

Why Don’t We Just Fuck?

Standard lovemaking has us going through the motions of giving one another mutual stimulation. Connection can be fleeting as one mind or both may easily become diverted. Plus, the ego can summon feelings of insecurity and self-consciousness (especially in women). By practicing tantric sex there is no ultimate goal so there is no unnecessary pressure. It is about re-aligning your sexual connection through slow breathing and meditation. It is almost as if you are allowing your partner to embrace your mind as well as your body. However, the orgasm is not the finish line while practicing tantric sex. It is almost unexplainable how far beyond the momentary endorphin rush of blowing your load tantric sex can take you.

How Do You Do It?

Okay, open your mind here and try not to snicker. You begin naked, facing one another, sitting cross-legged. For beginners, wearing underwear is acceptable so as to control your habitual response. Make sure the room is dimly lit (candles are great). Breathe deep, in your nose and out your mouth, while closing your eyes. Rock back and forth to harness wayward vibrations while contracting and releasing your PC muscle which is the muscle you use to push out urine (no snickering!). When ready, open your eyes and look into hers. This is called ‘soul gazing’. Take a long time to communicate through your vision, pushing away any voices in your head that tell you to throw her down and go to town. Lift your palms to one another but do not touch. From here run your hands over your bodies without touching, feeling the heat and energy that is pulsing throughout. Continually check your ‘soul-gaze’ and eventually start touching. Run your lips and fingers over one another being sure not to fall into the usual moves. The longer you can connect this way, the more intense and gratifying your experience will be when you do eventually have intercourse.

There is much more to tantric sex than can be explained here. Many texts are written on the subject and spending time with your woman researching it can heighten the experience once you begin. With practice, you may very well go beyond anything you have ever imagined.


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