Alternative Energy: Where the F*#k is It?

We are forced to be addicted to fossil fuel energy. The powers to be know that all they have to do is keep flooding our Congress with oil lobbyists and the flow of money will continue. From a Federal Trade Commission investigation this past summer of the alleged 2008 market manipulation of oil prices to a combined $38.1 billion dollar Big Oil first quarter profit in 2011 we are at their mercy. If you ask any of these alternative companies why their progress is crawling at a snail’s pace they will all tell you the same thing, “We do not have the funding”. Meanwhile, oil fat cats feast on $38.1 billion in blood money.

Big Bad Obama

Many people want to blame President Obama for our rising oil prices. Dopey Newt Gingrich created a 29 minute infomercial slamming the president while the Associated Press clearly rebuked his outdated or manipulated facts and Republican Florida Congressman Allen West cried on his Facebook page that it was Obama’s fault for costing him upwards of $70 to fill the tank of his Hummer! Unfortunately, many ignorant Americans are watching, listening or reading this rhetoric which in turn has Big Oil laughing even more as the masses of sheep simply fight amongst themselves rather than force their hand. It is OPEC and Wall Street future trading that controls oil prices not the President. Interestingly we continue to fight wars and do business with autocrats and dictators to keep the oil flowing.

So Where’s the Alternative Energy?

The alternative energy is readily available. It is breaking the addiction on oil that must come first. Once this happens, goofy Congressman Allen West and his bloated ilk will be forced to drive vehicles that get you where you are going in a practical, alternative way. Breaking the addiction can happen in several ways:

1. Gasoline Tax – If people are forced to pay more for gas they will inevitably demand alternatives. Tax money stays in our country and OPEC will have no say in how we manipulate our own prices. The money from the tax can then be absorbed by adding alternative infrastructure and development.

2. Crude Tax – This would spread the burden on all taxpayers not just motorists. Once again the money can be used for repairing roads, bridges, etc. as well as improving alternative energy.

3. Stop Subsidies and Tax Breaks – Enough is enough and although they may absorb this into the price it will only hurt them in the long run.
And more: Increase fuel efficiency requirements, stop lobbying, require fleet vehicles to be natural gas, require all vehicles to become hybrids, radicalize alternative energy funding and research.

Eventually we will be forced to use alternative energy and this is what Big Oil is simply waiting for. They actually are investing in alternative energy but at the same time holding back its progress with their lobbyists until they can control it as they do oil. It is a ruthless cycle.



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