How To Make A Woman Squirt

You may think you are a pro in bed but unless you know how to make a woman squirt you are just another amateur. Men can jack out a load no matter where they are. Whether it’s in the bathroom, riding a bike, in a movie theatre, during Thanksgiving dinner, in a submarine, climbing a mountain or even in space, take an ultraviolet light and you’ll probably find dried splooge just about anywhere. Many women, on the other hand, often need a laundry list of foreplay and talented moves to get their juices flying across the room. Here are some tips on how to get a woman to ejaculate so you can both marinate in your bodily fluids.

Talk it Out

Most women know their own bodies pretty well so if she’s not the shy type ask her the best way she thinks it can be done. This may cut through the guesswork altogether as she explains her anatomy and the buttons you can push.

It’s Not Pee

Clear ejaculate comes out of the urethra but it’s not urine. Therefore, you must assure your woman that she will not pee the bed and that she must be willing to ‘let it all go’. Tell her not to drink fluids beforehand as well as void her bladder just to be sure there isn’t an accident. However, if by chance she does urinate tell her it is totally fine. Once the fear of this happening is quelled she will be way more open to trying.


Massage, kiss and touch her all over to heighten her senses. Stay away from her vagina for now and even tease her by avoiding her nipples while only running your tongue around them to start her writhing.

Turn the Knobs and Flick the Bean

Once she’s all hot and bothered start gently working her nipples while at the same time stroking her clitoris. Make sure she breathes deep.

Insert and Come Here

Gently insert one or two fingers into her vagina and run them along the roof of her canal toward you (as if motioning her to ‘come here’). At the end of the top portion you will run into a spongy gland, this is the G-spot. Gently tap and press on this gland. You will know if you are doing it right depending on her reaction which should be dramatic.

Massage the Abdomen

While doing the ‘come here’ move, use your other hand to place your palm on her abdomen and firmly but gently ‘wipe’ downward over and over. Now, start thrusting your fingers in and out while intermittently placing your fingertips on the G-spot and vibrating your hand. Soon she will shudder and spew all over the place.

How to make a woman squirt takes practice and an open mind. Some woman can even do it while riding you on top or taking it from behind. Try different techniques and in no time you’ll be shopping for latex sheets.

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