Eyebrow Hair Loss and the Most Common Causes and Cures

istock_000000412469xsmallIt’s one thing to start losing the hair on your head, I mean really, that’s bad enough isn’t it? But it’s quite another when the hair you lose are the ones that shape and define your eyes, the prominent feature of your face that guides the most important part of conversation besides words, expression! Eyebrow hair loss can be just as devastating as losing the hair on your head, mostly because eyebrows are featured on the most recognizable part of your body, YOUR FACE! But it happens, and when it does, what are some of the most common causes for the loss of eye brow hair and even more so, what are the cures?

Loss of the eyebrow hairs can happen for an abundance of reasons, one in particular that you have total control over…OVER PLUCKING or TWEEZING! It’s quite common for people who take eyebrow grooming upon themselves to get a little over zealous and tend to take too much off of one while trying to make it even with the other. In the event that this should happen the worst part about it is the waiting until the eyebrow hairs grow back, but at least you know they will. In the mean time, penciling the eyebrows in with an eye liner or brow defining make up could be just the trick needed while waiting for time to take it’s toll on the regrowth of new hair. But if what if it doesn’t grow back?

Over tweezing or plucking of the eyebrow can also cause a skin condition known as traction alopecia. By plucking the hair immediately after it grows in the follicle is exposed and can have the tendency to dry up and crust over like a scab. It may be very hard to see when this happens as it won’t be as prominent as a scab produced from an open sore. The follicle then basically gets “trained” to not produce any more hair and goes into “retirement” When this happens, the cells stop generating in the follicle and the hair won’t grow anymore.

Of course plucking isn’t the only reason for eye brows to disappear. Men and women alike who are exposed to chemotherapy and radiation treatments are prime suspects to lose not only their eyebrow hair but the hair on their heads. While the treatments are working to attack the disease, unfortunately they are attacking good cells as well, the hair follicles go into “retirement” so to speak so that attention can be paid where it’s needed most in the rest of the body. Normally once treatments have stopped, the hair tends to grow back on it’s own. In the meantime, if you choose, applying makeup by shaping into where your eyebrows normally lay can help offset the harshness of the look of a face without eyebrows.

Certain autoimmune diseases could be the culprit behind the loss of eyebrows but whatever the cause, if you find the loss may be permanent, Minoxidil has been known to help treat the hair loss and promote new growth just as it does on the head. In severe cases hair transplants may be helpful but because it is a grafting procedure, you may find the hair grows longer than eyebrows normally do and may need to be trimmed several times a week. After reading about the loss of eyebrow hair and it’s common causes, you’ll be sure to find a cure that’s right for you, because it is out there!

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