Mitt Romney: Love Him or Hate Him?

Once Herman Cain was cast aside Republicans and Conservatives could breathe a sigh of relief and start contemplating the remaining homogenized, pasty white bunch. It looks like one of the most buttoned up and now revealed richest (the Associate Press says, “Add up the wealth of the last 8 Presidents from Richard Nixon to Barrack Obama. Then double that number”) is Mitt Romney. This handsome, underwear touting Mormon, robot-like Republican seems to be forging a path through political battlegrounds like Iowa and New Hampshire that is making many take notice.

Privileged Past: Poor and Middle Class Beware?

Willard Mitt Romney is no stranger to the silver spoon. Son of the former Governor of Michigan, schooled at a private boys prep, then on to the prestigious Brigham Young and Harvard Universities, Willard has lived a life of privilege. He cut his teeth after being recruited by Boston Consulting Group then successfully ran management consulting firm Bain & Capital as well as organized and revamped the 2002 Winter Olympics. His wealth escalated, eventually catapulting him to the Governorship of Massachusetts.

Mormon: Freak or Friend?

Like many organized religions, Mormonism follows some odd traditions including a belief in multiple universes, multiple heavens and the wearing of special undergarments to reflect a dedication to God. But how will Mitt Romney’s belief system affect his decisions? Religion has and continues to influence decisions at the highest levels. Therefore, whoever is elected president will more than likely seep even the slightest of their doctrinal teachings into vital executive judgments.

Willard’s Position

Like most politicians, Romney’s positions have flip-flopped over the years. Here is his current stance on some of the policies:
• He supports civil rights in the workplace for women, minorities and even Muslims.
• He does not endorse prayer in schools that may alienate a variety of faiths.
• He believes that all people have the right to bear arms (He is a member of the NRA).
• He does not believe in same-sex marriage or civil unions.
• He is against medical marijuana.
• He believes in banning federally funded stem-cell research on surplus embryos.
• He wants to increase taxes on the poor and decrease taxes for the rich and middle class.
• He will cut corporate tax from 35% to 25%.
• He is pro-life (quoted as wanting to overturn Roe).
• He follows Reaganomic economic policies.
• He wants to privatize State prisons, supports the death penalty and wants to instill a lifetime GPS tracking system for repeat offenders.
• He supports nuclear power.
• His healthcare belief is similar to Obamacare.
• His foreign policy involves increasing trade and militarily defending against adversaries.

Willard Mitt Romney sounds like much of the politics as usual America thinks will change with each elected official, especially Barrack Obama. Truth be told, Romney is a businessman at heart and if elected president he will run this country like a big, chugging factory. The fat cats will prosper and the poor schmucks will feed the fire and fight for the scraps.

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