Dating a Stripper

You stroll into a strip club for a bachelor party or “business dinner” and there you are again surrounded by some of the most beautiful bodies that don’t require a click of the mouse to make gyrate. They seem so nice and willing making you actually wonder if dating a stripper is actually possible.

The Myth

Although many strippers act like nymphomaniacs it is obviously their job. The truth is that these women are human beings each with their own story that are often somewhat ugly. On the other hand, many could probably impress you with their intellect and life experience. Whatever you do, do not approach a stripper thinking they’ll saddle onto your cock in the parking lot.

Start When They Start

Showing up to a strip club early is an advantage inasmuch that the women are just getting warmed up and are more apt to respond to a nice guy simply wanting to chat.

Pick an Upscale Club

Searching to date a stripper in a rundown joint will get you just that, desperate women that will probably steal your wallet.

Be Yourself

Talking to a smoking hot piece of ass makes most men go all tingly in the groin draining essential blood from their brain. In turn, this makes them say and do things they wouldn’t normally do resulting in ostracizing any potential relations. Just be yourself, be charming but not over compensating. Don’t wave around your money like some big shot wannabe. Do not mention their body or their beauty too soon but instead try to find out their story. Compliment their outfit, talk about movies, books, whatever. As subtle as you can, get them to open up and listen. The biggest turn on to any woman is a man who simply listens and does not go on about himself.

Work the Cash
If you establish a relationship with a stripper do not ever pay her for a lap dance. Once you do this you are just another dope with a hard-on. Do pay them for their time while you listen to their story as they are working on the clock. Tips while dancing should go to her (with a little extra) but make sure you also tip the other dancers so as not to create a jealousy situation that could impede your chances.

Split on Cue

When the wolves arrive get out. Let her know you enjoyed chatting with her but know she’s busy and if it would be alright to come by again when it is slow and talk some more. In time ask her if it would be alright to meet for coffee. If she accepts, you’re in, if not, move on.

Either way, dating a stripper requires patience and acceptance (she will not quit unless you can provide for her). Overall, treat them as you would any other woman and just maybe you will have a smoking hot girlfriend counting one dollar bills on the edge of your bed before you know it.

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