3 Pet Peeves about Women

Women are an unpredictable lot. In fact, renowned scientist Stephen Hawking who has theorized and solved some of the most puzzling scientific questions known to man recently confessed that women are the most baffling species, “They are a complete mystery to me.” he is quoted as saying. So by all means men can easily list a plethora of dissatisfaction with women when all men need is food, sleep, sex and an occasional sport fix. Below are 3 pet peeves about women compiled from such a list that have made it to the top. Warning: never discuss these pet peeves with a woman unless you want the pussy wagon to close shop and leave town for a while.

Late ‘aint Great

Men do not like to wait. In fact, most men are practical beings knowing that if they get to their destination on time or even early they are liable to get the best seat, best parking spot, best service and more. Women have no concept of this and often blame the man for not getting any of the above when in reality it is her fault for deciding to take three hours to get dressed, put on her make-up, curl what’s left of her twat hair or whatever. Plus, women have created their own universal time standard when five minutes means half- an-hour and half-an-hour can be an hour or even two. Lateness is a number one pet peeve.

Cell Phone Obsession

In a survey of fifteen hundred singles by Zoosks dating site, fifty-one percent of men chose “too occupied with a cell phone” as a top pet peeve. Many women will inconsiderately tweet, text, e-mail, update their Facebook status and even take a call in the middle of dinner simply under the guise that their potential sex reward is worth putting up with such social faux pas. If all you are looking for is shelling out a couple of hundred bucks while she yaks and taps at her device so you can get in her pants then by all means make sure you pound her doggy-style so both her hands are free to continue.

Shopping Hell

Going shopping with a woman is equivalent to withstanding nails dragged along a blackboard or kissing your aunt and feeling her moustache. Men do not want to walk around malls analyzing every single sale, color, shape or other nonsense that will end up remaining as useless as it does while sitting on a mall store shelf. Men research or at least have a rough idea of what they need, go to the store, buy it and go home. Shopping is one of the most annoying pet peeves that eats up valuable time that can be used eating, sleeping, fucking or watching sports.

These 3 pet peeves about women are only a handful of many including: weight gain, excessive hair, smelly perfume, nagging and bossiness to name a few more. Yes, men have their own pet peeves but women seem to possess a whole lot more.



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