Hepatitis C and Erectile Dysfunction

Hepatitis C and Erectile Dysfunction have a direct correlation.  There is evidence to suggest that both the disease itself and the medications necessary to combat the illness have an effect on sexual function. If you take a look at the symptoms of hepatitis C you will notice that decreased libido is one of the main symptoms.  This is one of the contributing factors to erectile dysfunction. Liver disease also contributes to a reduction of testosterone, which also leads to a reduction in sex drive and the ability to obtain an erection.

When you add to this the fact that most of the medications have a direct link to a decrease in sexual performance and ability you have a combination, which leaves men suffering from the effects of erectile dysfunction.  Depression is also a contributing factor to hepatitis C and this too has according to studies been found to have a direct effect on the sex drive of an individual.

If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction, which appeared after the diagnosis of Hepatitis C or after the start of antiviral medications, it is a good idea to note these symptoms to your doctor.  It can help in determining the exact cause of the symptoms and providing a method of relief.  According to a study done in the summer of 2006 and published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology there is a direct association that was categorized as strong between those that are suffering from HCV or Hepatitis C and a resulting sexual dysfunction of which erectile dysfunction was listed.

A 2005 study showed a correlation between Interferon therapy, one of the main therapies for Hepatitis C and depression.  Since depression is already correlated with Hepatitis C the additional additive increase symptoms thereby making the sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction that much more prevalent.

Primarily, however there was a marked change in hormones this is caused by the liver disease, which is usually the result of having a Hepatitis C infection.  While the sexual dysfunction may start at erectile dysfunction, decreased sex drive and libido as well as a host of other sexually oriented dysfunctions, which are caused by a combination of the decreased hormone levels, the liver disease, the antiviral medication and the depression associated with Hepatitis C.   Drinking alcoholic beverages can also increase the effects of this disease on sexual function most often appearing in the form of erectile dysfunction.

Hepatitis C is a serious disease and one that can cause permanent damage to the liver.  As a result, the medications, the depression and the disease’s effects can all have a contributing factor on a decrease in sexual function.  While there are not many studies involved in the correlation of sexual dysfunction and Hepatitis C there is enough evidence to suggest that there is a direct relationship between Hepatitis C and erectile dysfunction.  Whether this is caused by the depression, the medication or the disease itself is based on the individual person and their overall condition and reactions.

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