Top 5 Skills that Impress Women

Possessing talents that can get a woman to respond in more ways than one is essential when looking for some bang-time or a future mate. These top 5 skills that impress women are a good start to be able to lure them your way. Before you know it all her friends will be batting their eyelashes at you behind their man’s not so skilled back.

1. Cunnilingus

Treating the vagina like a punching bag for your tongue will not score high marks on the skill impression list. Every vagina is constructed differently therefore get the lay of the land before you just lay the land. Make sure you know where the clitoris is located and how to make it sing. Look up some anatomical diagrams and talk to a female friend to get versed in the art of cunnilingus (that means eating pussy dummy). If you can use your tongue and fingers to stimulate her into an orgasm or more, she will be so impressed by such a skill that she’ll offer up her hoochie almost any place at any time.

2. Skilled Threads

“The clothes make the man” is no mistake as it will catapult you beyond the other schlubs in scuffed shoes and wrinkled shirts. Women will swoon over your wardrobe skills as it speaks volumes about what you and the confidence you possess. In addition, don’t forget to stay groomed along with your smart attire or else you’ll just be another well-dressed, greasy haired, yellow toothed, halitosis ridden, ear and nose hair moron.

3. Fix Shit

If you are ‘handyman-challenged’ then the handyman you hire will probably bang your woman. They may not say it, but being able to fix stuff gets women wet because most of them cannot decipher the difference between a Philip’s head and a regular head screwdriver. Learn some basic skills so you don’t look like an idiot when a light bulb goes out. Also, get yourself a tool box, this way you can at least look like you know what you’re doing.

4. Dance

You may hate getting up at a wedding and doing the white-man-over-bite dance but simply getting up will moisten your woman’s panties. If you can actually really move your hips while locking eyes with her, she will most likely squirt right on the dance floor. Practice, get a video, read a book, whatever but learn how to shake and swivel while holding her hand. Sparks will fly.

5. Giggles and Brains

You can be smart but if you’re not funny that novelty will sour quickly. Possessing the skill to be witty, clever and book smart is basically the tri-fecta for dipping into a hottie. Women want to laugh and learn without knowing they are doing both. It takes skill but when mastered it is a skill to highly impress.

These top 5 skills to impress women will place you at the top of the heap in no time. Give them a try and you’ll have your pick of the litter.







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