3 Habits Bosses Love

When it comes to 3 habits bosses love it is not that hard to decipher. All it takes is tucking away your overblown ego and learning how to become a team player. Sure, we all want to excel and make more coin than the next guy; however, there is no way you are going to get there if you are only looking out for number one. Take into consideration these three attributes you may want to possess so you get noticed not only for your work ethic but also for all the peripheral requirements it takes to make it to the top.

1. Reliability

A boss does not want to hold an employee’s hands. Too many people come out of their sheltered childhood and privileged, spoiled education only to enter a workforce that requires them to step up and get the job done. Unfortunately, because they grew up getting a soccer trophy even when they sucked the big one, a warped sense of entitlement was born. Once they get a job, reliability is only displayed when they are rewarded for anything from making a mouse fart to loading paper into the printer. A boss needs reliability at all times. They do not want a multitude of questions or second guessing they want the job done without worrying about the employee. In addition, being on-time and working late hours without being asked are reliability factors that should be innate. If all else follows suit, these habits will not go unnoticed.

2. Do Not Complain

A moaning employee is like a constant car alarm. Whether you are moaning about your paper cut, your girlfriend or the actual job all it does is throw toxicity into a potentially creative mix. A boss does not want a constant complainer. Now do not mix up complaining with constructive criticism as this can and should be accepted by your boss but when negativity is all you possess no matter how well you work, your boss is not going to dig looking at your sour mug every day.

3. Appearance

You may have become complacent or you just never acquired the ability to dress, talk and maintain your appearance. Showing some aesthetic integrity sends a message to those around you, especially your boss, that says you are proud of yourself and the work you do. Bosses love this and even let mistakes or sub-par performance farts slide because of your encouraging appearance. Stay sharp. Iron your clothes, shine your shoes (big pet peeve, cruddy looking kicks are a turn off to the boss and clients), wash and comb your hair, keep your teeth and breath healthy and don’t be a desk slob.

It really is easy to shine at your job because most people hardly give a shit. Everybody is too busy pretending they are individualistic or better than their co-workers to throw on some impressive threads or go that extra mile. Follow these 3 habits bosses love and all those turned up noses will be left in the dust.





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