Sport Movies: We Give You The Top 3


There are a slew of movies out there that are considered the best representation of the challenge and inspiration of organized sports. They have made us cheer and they have made us cry (without admitting we cried, blaming it on allergies) but all in all they are some of the best films worth taking the time to watch. Although it is difficult to break down such a laundry list into the top 3 sports movies, these definitely rank high.



Brian’s Song

This is an old movie out of the seventies that still stands up as one of the best football buddy films of all time. The actors may not be today’s popular players but the content is worth the watch. James Caan (among others, this American Jewish actor’s notoriety includes the first Godfather film) and Billy Dee Williams (a maverick African-American actor seen in many films including Star Wars) play teammates that overcome their prejudices. They unwillingly become each other’s support system through injury and an ultimate, bittersweet ending. Watch this with a girl because unless you are a heartless animal you will blubber like a baby and she will be overjoyed to calm, caress and probably bend over for you.

Bull Durham

This film starring Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins is a humorous look at the world of professional minor league baseball. It covers true-to-life locker room banter as well as some ridiculous superstitions that have followed the sport since day one. The dialogue is witty and the baseball scenes are spot on with enough to go around for everyone. A young Susan Sarandon saunters her tight body throughout the film making the viewer want to walk away from the movie and enlist in the first local team they can find just to get a little sumpin’ sumpin’.


If you have never sat down for this iconic film then it is time. Sylvester Stallone wrote and starred in this boxing epic that follows a down and out boxer on his journey to the fight of his life. It is filmed in a gritty, almost documentary style with a soundtrack that produces chills as well as decades of workout inspiration. Watching an underdog, against all odds, claw his way out of his situation motivates the viewer to get up and accomplish the impossible before the credits even finish. It was such a powerful film that it encouraged a sculpture of Rocky to be erected in Philadelphia, the setting for the story. It also spawned five more sequels, two that are worth watching but none compare to the first.

It would be remiss to not add to the top 3 sports movies mentioned above. Therefore, the following are also right up there. Raging Bull, North Dallas Forty, Breaking Away, Hoosiers, Chariots of Fire, A League of Their Own (good chick sports film, take a date she may go all lesbo and invite her friend into your bed…huh?), Remember the Titans, Hoop Dreams, Bang the Drum Slowly and Murderball (crazy dudes in wheelchairs). Recently, the Brad Pitt film Moneyball is being hailed as a possible top contender as well.



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