The Worst Habits to Ruin Your Appearance

You wake up, take a leak and look in the mirror. You look like shit. Then you get dressed, go to work, look around and realize you are dressed like shit. Basically your presentation is a big log of shit walking around assaulting everyone with your shittiness. Figuring out and repairing the worst habits that ruin your appearance will immediately render some impressive results and instead of looking like a shit eating sloth you will transform into the respectable, handsome, desirable that you really are.

Keep Smoking

That’s right. If you want your skin to turn into the likes of a scaly, wrinkled reptile keep filling your pie-hole with cigarettes. Most people do not realize that what they are smoking is not only tobacco but everything from fiberglass, arsenic and rat poison. These chemicals not only rot you from within they immediately assault the largest organ in your body, your skin. In addition, your teeth will turn yellow and your breath, your home and your clothes will stink.

Drink Up

Sure, we all like to throw back a bunch of drinks and blow out the gaskets now and again (sorry alcoholics) but if you are prone to a few libations per day and then a binge on the weekends guess what? You are basically squeezing all the H2O out of your body and replacing it with a barrage of toxins. This will mostly show in your eyes, weight, hair and skin, aging you beyond your years, until your kidney gives out and you are hooked up to a bunch of tubes wondering how you got there.

The Hoover

If you eat anything that isn’t moving (except, well…you know) then your body will show you how detrimental it can be. The three whites: sugar, flour and salt are appearance killers. Stay away from processed foods, sodas and desserts. Eat fresh, live produce as well as organic farm fresh meats and seafood. Drink plenty of clean water and limit the caffeine which also sucks up hydration. Go easy on the dairy too. It lines your sinuses causing all sorts of challenges as well as your intestines impeding proper vitamin and mineral absorption.

Bad Shoes

Before you even attempt a wardrobe change, start with your shoes. In studies of women who look over a man to hand their pussy to, shoes are high on the list. Make sure they are polished and up to date, so you get a date.

Slovenly Clothes

Find clothes that fit your body and don’t hang off you like garbage bags. Keep them current, ironed, cleaned and crisp. A blazer is always an appearance enhancer. Pleated pants are out.

Physical Shittiness

Slouching, picking your zits and rubbing your face all enhance a shitty exterior. Stop pushing your oily finger germs into your pores.

The worst habits that ruin your appearance can easily be eliminated. Change your appearance routine and soon you will exude an enviable aura (in other words, men will be jealous and women will want to fuck you).


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