The Best Habits to Improve Your Appearance



Finding ways to make yourself more desirable can reap volumes of self-confidence, sexual attractiveness and overall success. Below are some of the best habits to improve your appearance.

Start on the Inside

A study published in the 2001 Journal of the American College of Nutrition cited that those who had a high intake of vegetables, legumes and olive oil had less skin wrinkling and damage. Start incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet while limiting your meat, sugar, soda and processed food choices. Prepare them as fresh as possible, not swimming in butter or sugary syrup.

Stay Straight

Good posture is one of the best habits to improve your appearance. Many people hunch over a computer all day that they forget to sit or stand up straight. Good posture displays a confident, strong appearance.

Stay Fit

All it takes is a little cardio and a little weight training and before you know it people will be commenting on the trimmer, healthier looking you.

Wear a V-Neck and Make Eye Contact

When it comes to fashion illusions, a v-neck draws the eyes upward. Add some locked in eye contact and people will be more mesmerized by your appearance than the next guy. Let’s just hope it’s a smoking hot, single, babe that responds in more ways than one.

Sharp Polished Shoes

Putting some effort and money into choosing classy, dress shoes shouts an appearance that says you are a man of education, class and honesty.

Fix Your Teeth

You can look like a million bucks but if your teeth are yellow, broken or full of spaces it will be like looking at a Ferrari with a broken windshield. Keep your teeth and gums white and healthy so the rest of your hard earned appearance does not suffer. Once your bite is right, then smile more as this always enhances personal appearance.

Iron Man

Purchase an iron or portable steamer and keep your clothes wrinkle free. If you have no time or patience then dip into your wallet and have your local laundry do it. Either way, a wrinkled man is a sloppy man.

Trim Your Old Man Hairs

Unless you want to look like an eighty year old with hair growing out of your ears, nose, moles and eyebrows make sure you get yourself a portable trimmer and keep your face pubes tamed.

Watch the Do

Make sure your hair is not too greasy, dry or dull. It may sound girly but what’s on your pate says whether you’re lame or great. Get haircuts at a real salon and keep with the current styles.

It is the best habits to improve your appearance that are worth following. Taking your time and paying a little more attention to yourself will go a long way. It will speak to others before you open your mouth. That means that your business dealings, your everyday transactions and your bar room I’m-gonna-get-me-some-pussy rap will all be taken up a notch.


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