Treatment for Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

istock_000003300005xsmallNot all of the causes of erectile dysfunction are physical there are also psychological causes and the treatment for psychological erectile dysfunction can be more difficult than the treatment for physical causes.  The reason behind this is the fact that psychological issues or issues dealing with the mind and emotions cannot be simply handled with a drug or herbal supplement or even with an implant the way that physical erectile dysfunction can be treated.

In order to treat psychologically based erectile dysfunction it is necessary to understand what is causing it and be willing to face it.  There are some medications, which can be of help in certain situations however it is more likely that therapy will be the answer to this particular genre or ED causes.

There are a number of different psychological causes behind erectile dysfunction however the largest is basically classified as performance anxiety.  This is caused by several different factors. The first factor can be caused by simply a lack of inexperience.  This leads to an increase in anxiety and thoughts of what if which in turn increases stress and decreases desire, which can create the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Previous bad experience can also create psychological issues that can lead to an inability to obtain an erection.  This creates a great deal of tension; negative thinking and can take a toll on the ability to be able to obtain an erection.  Desire is partially a physical response and partly a mental response to stimuli and if there is only one or there other often times there is an inability to function.

There are anti anxiety medications, which can assist in calming the body, and many treatment options include the use of meditation in order to reduce the stress that is often a contributing factor in psychologically based ED.  There are also positive affirmations, which can be said that also have a positive effect and provided there are no physical factors contributing to the symptoms of erectile dysfunction this may be all it takes to treat the problem.  There may however, in some people be more deep seated emotional issues which may take therapy and counseling in order to overcome. There are many men who may find this objectionable because of what society says about people who receive counseling however there is such a thing as a mental illness and just as it is perfectly acceptable to receive assistance for a mental illness as well as it is for a physical one.

It is important to receive treatment if you are in need of help no matter what the cause or what type of illness you are suffering from.  This is why it is important to talk to your health care provider if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and are looking for treatment for psychological erectile dysfunction. It is better to find relief and treatment than to remain silent.  Remaining silent can actually increase the severity of symptoms and keep you from the fulfilling intimate relationships you desire.

Additional Information:

While there are many treatment options for men suffering form E.D., herbal supplements have been gaining tremendous support over the last few years.  Here are 3 hints to finding a good herbal supplement for treating E.D.  1. Make sure it is manufactured in the USA-  anything made in China, India, or any other 3rd World country may contain harmful chemicals.  2. The  supplement should increase blood flow- if it doesn’t increase blood flow, then it is not a good option for E.D.; and 3. Money Back Guarantee- only do business with a company that backs their product with a money back guarantee.

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