3 Killer Dates Men Love To Go On


When it comes to dating, a man caters to a woman for the glory of getting into her pants. Therefore, he will put up with her nauseating friends and family, eat food he does not like, watch movies that put him to sleep and listen to music he would rather kill himself over all for the power of the pussy. These 3 dates a man would love to go on are only a few of the many items on your probable wish list of what you would like to do for once.

1. Sports

Most women hate sports and most men love them. An afternoon spent eating hot dogs and drinking beer in a packed stadium is nirvana to most males. Having a woman tag along can be a real fly in the ointment; therefore it is imperative that she act accordingly to make it a date you will love. This means she needs to know how to:
• To learn a little about the sport so there is not a barrage of annoying questions.
• Not ask him to get up and cater to you with something from the concession stand.
• Not complain about the temperature; in fact, not complain at all.
• Cheer for your team like she means it.
In addition to spectating, having your woman learn how to play the sport you love is another home run date. For example, take golf or tennis lessons together and you will want to spend way more time with her.

2. Nature

The other thing many men love is nature. If this is you, then going on a hike instead of watching the just released Brad Pitt movie is your way to spend some quality time. Find a woman that forgoes their fear of bugs or pissing in the woods and you have got yourself a date. Enjoy the great outdoors together letting her know that this is your passion. If she connects to this then more nature dates and even outdoor sex can be in the cards.

3. Treat Him

Having a woman take you to your favorite concert, museum, movie and/or restaurant then home to fuck you like a porn star is a date any man would love. Make a list of your favorite spots and show her your top five porn scenes. If she can pull off such a date she will forever be revered as the ultimate mate. Make sure you re-visit this scenario as many times per year as possible to get your fill as much as she gets hers.

These 3 dates a man would love to go on evens out the playing field of dating for pussy. In this case, she will receive a hard earned hard-on for her attention to your dating needs. Little does she know that she can take you to a fast food joint and a local video arcade and you’d be happy to bang her just the same.



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