The Do’s and Don’ts of After Sex Pillow Talk

You just had some real, wallpaper tearing sex and as the both of you lie, entwined in each other’s various body fluids, pillow talk invariably emerges. What most women do not understand is that this pillow talk is almost as important as the sex itself. According to a survey by Ipsos-Reid, they concluded that, “…over eighty percent of couples questioned believe that pillow talk was an important part of their relationship and made them feel close to their partners…” The problem arises, however, when someone does not know how to have a pillow talk conversation. Therefore, innocently saunter over to and announce, “Hey honey, check out what this site says?” and turn her on to the do’s and don’ts of after sex pillow talk. (Take some notes yourself).

Do – Regardless of the intensity or mediocrity of his performance, say something positive right after. Make it true, find a comment along the lines of, “You just fucking blew my mind” or “You really are the best kisser.”

Don’t – Rush to your phone, check your messages and then start talking about how you hate your boss or wish so and so would stop texting you.

Do – Talk about his body and the things you love about it.

Don’t – Start telling him to lose weight and how to do it (especially if you’re a fat fuck yourself).

Do – Bring up how he makes you feel. Things that will have him keep doing it because men need instructions. Try, “I feel so safe when I am with you.” Or “You’re positive take on life is so addicting.” Or “You always make me feel special.”

Don’t – Start talking about your body and how you hate it.

Do – Talk about your future. However, be careful here, this is the fine line that can have some men bolting out the door. (see Don’t) Discussing your future with him can be a light comment about taking a short, local trip together or going to a sports event he loves.

Don’t – Never, ever talk about having a kid right after sex (unless you are both on the same page and even then a guy doesn’t really want to talk about a kid after he basically defiled you). The word pregnant to most men is equivalent to kryptonite’s effect on Superman.

Do – Say I love You (when you have at least six months or preferably a year of dating under your belt)

Don’t – Say I love you (anytime before the above suggested time)

Do – Bring up funny things that will make you both laugh.

Don’t – Talk about your ex.’s or his.

Do – Talk about the sex. Most guys love to hear how they did which may lead to more sex.

Don’t – Talk about what he did wrong until later. This could deflate the entire experience.

Men want to feel like heroes. Some of us just need our woman to follow these do’s and don’ts of after sex pillow talk to get us there.



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