How to Handle a Jealous Girlfriend

You finally found a woman you can really connect with. She likes your fourth grade Star Wars action figure collection as well as your nutty friends. You like her brains, her body and her friends too. Then, one day you run into an old girlfriend. You exchange pleasantries and introduce your new love. All seems mature and innocent until you get back to your place. Suddenly your woman turns into an insecure, raving lunatic barraging you with question after question about your old flame. How to handle a jealous girlfriend can be worked out and your relationship can thrive but it takes patience and time. Make sure she is worth it and, like any dysfunction, you can help her get past it, or at least recognize and manage it. If nothing works then run for the hills before she lops off your balls while you are sleeping.


If you can get her to see a therapist then the hardest work will be handled by a professional, as it should be. Offer to help her find someone she likes and even recommend attending a few sessions with her. This will build trust and confidence while at the same time healing some deep insecurity.

Be Vigilant

As previously mentioned, if this woman is worth the work then you will want to be sensitive to her jealousy until she can get a handle on it. This means to be sure not to mention other women in any positive light that will threaten your woman. Get rid of your porn stash (ouch), avoid talking about hot chicks in front of her with your buds and put the virtual blinders on when a floss butt beauty saunters by on the beach.

Verbalize: Don’t Get Caught in the Cycle

Jealous partners become intrusive, needy and annoying. When this behavior manifests it is normal for you to pull away and evade conflict. This only adds fuel to the fire and before you know it you are in a relationship of lies and avoidance. If you see this cycle beginning, nip it in the bud and talk it out.  If she is demanding to know your every move sit her down and discuss the appropriateness of letting go. If she has been hurt in the past let her know that you would soon break up with her before hiding and lying to get away from her.

At the Start: Be Available

In the beginning you may have to answer her incessant calls until the trust builds. Let her know it is okay to phone or text as many times as she needs and, if you are working on it together, her fears and anxieties will lessen as will her short leash.

These tips on how to handle a jealous girlfriend can build your relationship like she never was able to experience before. In no time you will be watching lesbian porn together while licking and sucking each other to completion.


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