5 Best Spots for New Year’s Eve

This year, don’t get caught up in the usual three hundred dollar per head, bad food, weak drink Olive Garden special. Instead, break the bank and get to one of these 5 best spots for New Years Eve so you can say that this time, you did it right.

1. Disney

It may not seem like your first choice but Disney World or Land, with or without kids, is a spectacular, fantastical experience. This is a place to throw back a few and take advantage of ringing in the New Year with your inner child’s heart bursting out one last time. It is particularly special if you are with a girlfriend or as a newlywed. Eating, riding the rides, fireworks, music, parades, Cirque de Soleil, visiting Epcot and Universal Studios becomes so magical it will be a top New Years Eve memory for years to come.

2. Vegas

Now here is the adult Disney playground that should be tackled with the boys or a caravan of couples. New Years Eve in Vegas becomes otherworldly with the entire strip closed to traffic as an all out hedonistic party ensues. If you are looking to go hooking, bring plenty of condoms because the chance of you popping your cork at the stroke of midnight is high. Eight casino rooftops set off an intense firework display and performers this year include Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder, Will.i.am, Guns N’ Roses and John Legend.

3. New York (Not Times Square)

If you enjoy being cow prodded into a five inch space, unable to move or go to the bathroom for six or seven hours in the freezing cold then by all means go to Times Square this year, However, about a mile and a half north you can enjoy the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run in Central Park hosted by The New York Road Runners Club. This is a costume parade/four mile run extravaganza complete with fireworks, dancing and music. Bundle up and enjoy this unique festivity that most people never heard of.

4. Thailand

Believe it or not you get your money’s worth here. Go to Bangkok to bang your cock (hee, hee) and watch this city light up to the likes of Times Square without all the pushy security. One of the best firework displays in the world along with inexpensive drinking, souvenirs and hookers. Who could ask for more!

5. Australia

Okay, it’s a trek but you will be the first one to ring in 2012. Sydney Harbor blasts in the New Year with light shows, illuminated boats and pyrotechnics that pale in comparison elsewhere. Not to mention the friendly people, smoking women, amazing eats and some of the best beer and wine you will ever swig.

These 5 best spots for New Years Eve will have you smiling ear to ear when the clock strikes twelve. While everyone else sits on their fat asses watching the ball drop on television, you will be shaking your ass in the thick of it.



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