3 Situations He Wants You to be Bossy

Let’s face it, bossy women can be annoying. However, if you are dating or married to one you know that deep down they are real pussy cats with a highly useful talent. Others may think, “Who would want to be with that bossy bitch?” but what they do not know is that most bossy women are highly organized, responsible, misunderstood creatures that just need the perfect match to keep them in line while at the same time allowing them to be their bossy selves when appropriate. These 3 situations he wants you to be bossy should be passed on to your domineering diva and maybe she will realize that you realize, her full potential.

1. Kids

Whether your own or someone else’s, kids can make you want to stab them with a fork sometimes. Most men do not know how to be patient and compassionate while at the same time being able to crack the whip. Let your bossy lady take over the little cuties when they turn into monsters and you will always come out of it looking like the fun, carefree dad, uncle or friend that never raises his voice or tells them what to do.

2. Shopping

Shopping is a woman’s inalienable right that is embedded in their DNA. That is why every time you open their closet, clothes and shoes fall out like a department store slot machine. Therefore, because shopping is most women’s unofficial profession this is where they are best at being bossy. Watch them get a discount on that suit you are drooling over or witness a tongue lashing of the store supervisor when a lazy clerk is unhelpful. Letting them steer the shopping boat will allow you to experience their bossy talents in all their glory.

3. In the Bedroom

If you are the type that spends your day telling other people what to do while putting out fires all around you which raises your stress level and blood pressure you may want a bossy bedroom partner now and again. Sure, you like being the one that spins her and fills her with your manliness but now and again having a woman take over can be a much needed, exciting break. The next time you get into ‘sexy time’ let her know that you want her to drive your pole. She may tie you up, blindfold you, demand you suck and lick her or maybe slap you around a little. You might be surprised at the instant boner you get when being told what to do as the pressure of performing is lifted and for once someone else is doing the work.

Use these 3 situations he wants you to be bossy with your loudmouth, overbearing, puppy-eyed princess and when you do not want her to be bossy she may just listen. Like anything, giving her an outlet for her bossiness will offer her great relief from always having to feel like she must control the entire world around her.



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