Tips On Dating a Co-Worker

istock_000002810878xsmallYou’ve decided to take the plunge and graduate from stolen looks over the cubicle to an actual date with someone you work with, and you’re definitely not alone as it’s estimated that as many as sixty percent of men and women have had an office romance at some time during their lives.  Read on for smart tips on dating a co-worker that you’ll definitely want to know before actually making your romance a reality.

If you ask most anyone about office romances and getting involved with someone you work with day in and day out, most people will answer that it’s taboo and something to avoid at all costs.  But, on the flip side, it must be said that it also can be a great way to meet a mate and possibly the love of your life, provided, of course, you handle the situation with common sense and maturity.

The very first thing to consider, if you value your job that is, is what your company’s policy is regarding personal relationships between employees.  In some businesses and corporations, dating co-workers is strictly forbidden, while in others, the human relations department may require that you sign some type of disclaimer, that is, if you make your relationship public knowledge.

In the beginning of the relationship, or after a few casual dates, it’s usually best if you try to keep things just between the two of you, especially if you work in an office type environment as we all know how quickly gossip tends to spread.  The very last thing you want to do is jeopardize your jobs, and if one of you happens to be the other’s supervisor, this opens up an entire new can of worms to deal with as you’ll want to be absolutely certain the relationship has nothing to do with career advancement, or would be construed as such.

As far as the advantages of dating a co-worker are concerned, you’ll definitely have something in common and plenty of support at the end of a hard day at work as they’ll know where you’re coming from.  If you’re prone to jealousy, which isn’t the greatest way to start a relationship, at least dating someone you work with you’ll know where they are all day and what they’re doing.  Just be sure you aren’t visiting their office or cubicle too often or calling their extension every few minutes and making a pest of yourself, and also running the risk of becoming too lax while you’re supposed to be working.

For some couples, spending too much time together too soon proves to be the quickest way to discover that you really aren’t that compatible after all, which can actually be a good thing as you’ll know this before you’ve invested too much time in a relationship that really isn’t going anywhere.

Do keep in mind that even if the two of you are no longer dating, you’ll still be co-workers and will more than likely have to deal with one another on some level.  So be prepared ahead of time in the event things don’t work out as you had envisioned. By following these simple tips on dating you can be sure both your job and your emotions are taken care of before all else.


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