Recession Proof Jobs

Whether starting college or changing career paths, the best approach is to assess how your vocation choice may weather impending financial ups and downs. Although not a guarantee, some of the below occupations may enable you to stay afloat while everyone else sinks in the muck of it all.


A certified public accountant is often in demand, especially when companies are struggling to get by. Using a talented CPA, businesses are able to evaluate their profit margins, tax loop holes, unneeded work force and wasted business practices. In addition, even health care costs can be recommended and adjusted by a CPA.

Air Traffic Controller

By 2019 due to the retirement of baby boomers, the FAA estimates 17,000 replacements will be needed. Although highly stressful, this is a position almost impervious to economic downturns due to its high valued need.

Police Officer and Firefighter

If you can make it through approximately the first five years the salary picks up considerably and the benefits remain very strong for these jobs. It is rare that such civil servants are laid off as opposed to some others that are less needed for life and death work.

Green Engineering

Lightning speed technology coupled with environmental concerns has called for a rise in green engineering experts. Creating options regarding such applications as battery science, nanotechnology, solar, wind and hydro power as well as CO2 emissions engineering will all need consummate professionals. This career should not suffer economic downturns due to its economic and environmental remedies.

Health and Elder Care

Health care in general has an increase in hiring that is expected to peak by about 2017 and possibly even higher. As baby boomers live longer more technological personnel are needed such as phlebotomists, radiology technicians, pharmacologists, scrub techs, nurses and more. Also in demand are elder care professionals that assist families with their loved ones who are living well into their nineties and need specialized support. Overall, a recession does not seem to affect these health care positions as they often remain in high demand.

Cloud Computer IT, Software Engineers and Administrators

The cloud is here and is not going away anytime soon. This is the use of multi-server storage and operating systems that do everything from our banking, email directing, entertainment, science and large or small business transactions. Most people using cloud services do not understand how they work therefore the need for these positions will continue to grow and maintain their need through any economic roller coaster.


Here is an age old career that will outlive just about all of the above occupations. In addition, becoming a technological savvy plumber will catapult your job security even more. Nobody wants to nor knows how to maintain their plumbing so plumbers will always be called upon to do the dirty yet highly lucrative work regardless of economic challenges.

These are some recession proof jobs you may want to consider. That is unless gigolo correlates to what you’re carrying between your legs.


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