Rules for Escaping a Sinking Car

You are driving along in a fierce rain storm where the visibility is almost zero when you attempt a hairpin turn that has crept up on you at the last possible second. As you decelerate it is not enough and you end up having to hit the brakes a little harder than you thought. Another car comes out of nowhere and you have to swerve not knowing you are on an embankment of a lake with no guardrail. In an instant you are in the drink, sinking fast, remembering every hot chick you ever banged before you die. Do not succumb so fast but instead bring into play these rules for escaping a sinking car. Remember the acronym: DORM

Do Not Panic

Panic is the number one reason so many people perish in all kinds of scenarios. The minute you hit the water try to stay calm. If other people in the car are panicking, block out there cries and move into action which will probably save everyone’s life.

Open the Windows

As you hit, immediately open all the windows in the car before the electric shuts down. Doors will become impossible to open due to outside pressure (although once the car is filled with water and totally submerged they can open, more on this later).

Remove your Seatbelt

As you open the windows, remove your seatbelt at the same time. If the car begins to spin and you turn upside down stay seated in your seatbelt. Spinning creates extreme disorientation and if you stay seated it will be easier to escape.

Move Out

Once the windows are down and your seatbelt is unlatched exit through the windows. If the water is rushing in and you cannot pass, simply wait. Once the water fills the car, take a deep breath and swim out. This will take every ounce of concentration not to panic but it will save your life.

Things to Remember

• No Open Windows – If you cannot open the windows in time you have to wait until the car fills with water so the pressure equalizes and you can open the door. Make sure to unlock the car.
• Break the Windows – While you sink and the windows are closed you can attempt to break a window to exit. You will need a strong metal object (preferably sharp). Attempt a side or back window (not the front) and hit it as hard as you can in a corner (not the middle). LifeHammer and ResQMe are two excellent window breaking/seatbelt cutting tools on the market that you can keep in your car.
• Do Not Return – You will most likely die if you attempt to retrieve your wallet, watch, porn stash, etc.

Remember DORM as the rules for escaping a sinking car.
Either do this or drive around in scuba gear.


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