5 Workouts to Gain Core Body Strength

The body’s core is considered primarily the abdominal, middle and lower back muscles. Usual exercises such as sit ups and pull ups have been core rippers for years. Ask former NFL running back, Herschel Walker, who during his college career never touched a weight but rather clocked 3,500 sit-ups, 1,500 push-ups and an 8 mile run daily. These 5 workouts to gain core body strength are in the same ballpark but with interesting variations you may not have tried yet. They will surely have you ready for some desired beach stares by hotties, MILFs and maybe even a GILF or two.

1. Medicine Ball Rotations

The medicine ball has been a gym staple through decades and for good reason. Grasp the ball between your forearms, cupping it with your hands while bending slightly at the knees. Rotate your waist and only your waist from side to side being sure to extend fully, both ways. Do five sets of ten. If you find a partner, position yourselves with backs touching and transfer the ball to one another at each side.

2. Plank-It

Lie face down, prop yourself up on your forearms, raise your toes, contract your abs and tilt your hips so your ass and your lower back stay stable, hold for 30 to 90 seconds, release, switch and repeat. Then turn on your side while on your forearm or extended arm, contract your abs for balance, raise your opposite arm above your head, hold, release, switch and repeat.

3. Twisting Bicycle Crunch

These are sit-ups kicked up a notch. Put your hands lightly over your ears (not behind your head, it wrenches the neck) and using your abdominals, raise up while twisting to one side. At the same time bend the same side knee of the shoulder that is twisting toward that shoulder while the other leg extends off the floor and then repeat on the other side.

4. Hit the Bag

Training on a heavy bag is an ultimate core strengthener. Be sure and stabilize your wrists with boxing gloves or wraps, place both feet shoulder length apart and hit the bag with multiple side, shoulder and abdominal hits. Alternating, you will want to work in succession under a boxing time limit of three minute rounds. No heavy bag? No problem. Get an old duffel bag and fill it with sand or prop up an old mattress.

5. Twisting Pull-Ups

This is one of the most challenging but highly effective core routines. Start by holding any stable bar (above your height) with your hands facing you. Slowly lift while rotating your hip to one side and hold for a count of five. Lower and repeat on the other side. When your strength increases, turn your hands holding the bar facing outward. Do not jerk your body or go too fast.

These 5 workouts to gain core body strength will enable you to hold up your woman while she rides the pony as you work the remote at the same time.

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