Tips for Dating a Married Woman

istock_000005747796xsmallObviously, dating a married woman should be off limits… period.  Nevertheless, there are many adults, both men and women, who decide to journey down this often troubling road despite the inevitably dire outcome and the numerous warnings.  For this reason, sensible tips for dating married women are often highly sought after one finds themselves already involved in a relationship they know they really shouldn’t be in.

For some men, often those who tend to have commitment issues, it’s purely the allure of dating a woman who is otherwise “taken,” that coupled with the fact that there’s seemingly no chance for a long term relationship to develop.  This gives a false sense of comfort and really doesn’t address the real issue at hand, which is a fear of commitment.

Then again, there are simply men who love a challenge and thrive on the forbidden. For them, it’s usually not about the relationship or the individual woman, but rather the chance to “win” and be the victor.  And, of course, there’s the perpetual Casanova who feels as if they aren’t really a man unless they’re continually proving their great sex appeal every single chance they get.

When dating a married woman, perhaps the best advice of all is to examine your own personal reasons for doing so.  While it’s certainly true we have no control over who we fall in love with or who we are attracted to, there comes a time when matters of common sense must come before matters of the heart.   However, as we know, things don’t always go as planned and we therefore must adjust and adapt as best we can.

Take a moment to examine where the relationship is going, if anywhere, and if the two of you will be happy sneaking around forever. While you may be madly in love with one another, you aren’t the only two people involved here as there are other’s feelings to consider, especially when children are involved.

Since there are always two sides to every story, some may argue that there are indeed a few advantages in becoming romantically involved with a woman who is married, but it’s hard to argue with the fact that the disadvantages stack up to be far more numerous.

For example, when dating a married woman, you’re both always on alert.  There’s hardly ever time to relax because you never know what’s going to happen next.  Have you prepared for, or even thought of, what would happen if her spouse were to discover her indiscretions?  In the worst case scenario, the husband will want to seek revenge and both of your safety may be at risk.

Preparing for this type of thing ahead of time may help to take a little stress out of the relationship until you can figure out what your next move will be.  When it comes to heeding tips for dating a married woman, regardless of your specific situation, it’s important to use your common sense, listening to your head before your heart whenever possible.

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