Anal Sex: Taboo Titillation

Many jokes are made in the heterosexual world about homosexuals and their bedroom practices, namely anal sex. However, not many in the straight community talk about this potentially mind blowing erogenous zone. Oddly enough, backdoor action is becoming more commonplace behind closed doors as women and straight men alike begin to accept their bodies and their minds when intimacy arises.

The Prostate: The Male G-Spot

The prostate is a walnut size male exocrine gland located below the urinary bladder that can be examined (or stimulated) through the rectum. It is responsible for secreting a milky white substance that neutralizes the acidity of the vaginal tract. This gland has been referred to as the Male G-spot due to its intense response to being stimulated as it is full of many nerve endings (just like a female’s clitoris).

The Female Prostate

Females do not have a prostate, however many women have reported enjoying anal sex. Therefore, several studies have been prompted to discover how it is that a woman enjoys this backdoor no-no. According to a 2007 report in the Journal of Sexual Medicine researchers in Vienna discovered fluid excretion (a/k/a squirting) during orgasm. They wrote, “…Biochemically, the fluid emitted during orgasm showed all the parameters found in prostate plasma in contrast to values measured in voided urine”. This could very well be why certain females enjoy anal sex as it stimulates this structure during the act.

How to Enjoy Anal Sex

Now that you know the science, it is time to enjoy its results. Trying anal sex for the first time can be slightly painful due to attempting to open the sphincter muscle in the anus. You and your partner should shower and scrub the area clean. Do not eat for a few hours beforehand and be sure to void your bowels as well. Use a good lube and begin to massage your woman’s (or have her massage your) anus slowly working the tips of your fingers in and out of the opening. Eventually you will be able to insert a finger or two (if she is in you she will feel the prostate gland’s smooth layer). Using your tongue (rim job) is also a great way to prepare the area. Once she feels comfortable enough, lube up your penis and slowly insert the head. When you are past this point, the shaft is easy to follow. Check in with your partner as you slowly thrust in and out. She will tell you if it is enjoyable or not. If she is working on you, getting oral or a hand job while she massages your prostate is very stimulating. NOTE: Never insert your penis in her vagina after it has been in her ass. You must thoroughly clean yourself to avoid transporting dangerous bacteria. Also, the product Anbesol is a good numbing agent to use in the area if pain is an issue.

Anal sex is just another physical tool to bring pleasure and intimacy to the bedroom. Enjoy it without any stigmas attached.

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