5 Ways to Stand Up to a Bully

Dealing with a bully takes cleverness, courage and patience. Try these 5 ways to stand up to a bully when they strong arm their way into your path.

1. Freeze ‘Em Out

When you react they are validated which makes them feel better about themselves because they made you feel worse than they do. The best response is no response. When a bully verbally attacks you via hurtful humor or straightforward degradation simply stare into their eyes with a bored non-verbal response. Most are too stupid to know what to do as they stammer for more humiliating comments and once again, seeing no reaction, usually move on, unsatisfied.

2. Growl

Carry yourself with confidence making sure you do not give the impression that you can be taken advantage of. If a bully steps into your path and makes a remark take it as your queue to pounce. For instance, if Dirk the office bully makes a comment like, “Hey Steve, nice shoes did they come with a free bowl of soup?” quickly turn around and scream into his face at the top of your lungs something like, “WHAT DID YOU SAY! ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF ME!? STAY OUT OF MY FACE DIRK!!” If this is done with conviction you will take the bully by such surprise he will think twice before messing with you again or punch you in the face so be ready for that too.

3.  Create a Mutiny

A bully is useless if no one follows them. Start talking about the bully to your work mates, subtly at first and then more aggressive. Your agenda is to sway as many people as you can to dislike, distrust and avoid the bully. If you are successful, the bully will have no one to bully and will hopefully change their ways or leave the office altogether.

4.  Go All Mission Impossible

This can be a great tactic if you have the time and resources. Basically you want to dig up as much dirt on the bully as possible. When you find the perfect nugget you can spring it on them when they least expect it. Maybe they were in jail and didn’t report it on their job application or maybe they owe back child support. Let them know you will blow their cover if they continue to bother you. It is risky but effective.

5.  Knowledge is Power

This takes skill. It is recommended to watch the scene in the movie, Good Will Hunting when Matt Damon’s character bullies back a bully with intellectual ammunition. Learn some clever quotes and comebacks and you will easily cut the bully down to size while looking like a hero and never raising your voice or your fists.

These 5 ways to stand up to a bully should help. Remember, they are insecure teddy bears or latent homosexuals, one or the other…or both.


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