Free Dating Tips That Attract More Women

istock_000003658870xsmallMost times, free dating tips for men focus far too much on how to be assertive, confident, and basically how to get the girl, but this article will explore the often overlooked art of self control when it comes to both getting, and keeping, her attention.

It’s certainly no secret that many men often come on way too strong, either by being too overbearing or overly affectionate too soon into the relationship.  All of these actions tend to make most women run in the opposite direction, as well it should.  And, the reason for this is simple, many women respond to a slower, less direct approach, and in some cases, perhaps even a little touch of the cold shoulder treatment, so to speak, in order to increase the mystery and the challenge.

Stop wasting time trying to think of the perfect pick-up line, most all of which are turn-offs for women anyway, and simply introduce yourself and say, “Hi, I’m so and so,” appearing friendly, but never overly eager or domineering. Be subtly confident, and never, ever cocky.  Save the arrogance and bragging for when you’re with your best buddies and not while you’re trying to impress or gain the interest of a woman.

Once you have her attention, you can then relax and be yourself, letting things unfold as they may. At this crucial point, you’ll definitely want to keep things light and general.  While you don’t necessarily only have to make idle chatter about the weather or the local sports teams, you still don’t want to get into anything like why you’re single, what went wrong with your past relationship, why you hate your job, or anything else with a tinge of unpleasantness.

Nor should you ask her questions that may cause her to be uncomfortable either.  Pay attention to her body language, if she seems at ease, how the conversation is flowing, and whether or not there are any noticeable lulls or obvious conflicts of interest.  Also, keep things positive and steered away from the topic of you as no woman wants to sit and listen to someone they’ve just met rattle off all of their accomplishments and what makes them so wonderful.

Maintain an air of mystery about yourself and you’ll surely heighten her interest twofold.  This doesn’t mean you have to be evasive or avoid answering any personal questions, unless you want her to start wondering if you’ve got something to hide.

After the date is over, there’s no need to run to the phone and call her right away.  Nor do you have to call the very next day if you aren’t comfortable doing so either.  When you stop and think about it for a moment, it really makes perfect sense to not call as she’ll know that first, you aren’t pushy, and secondly, you aren’t desperate, and third, and perhaps the most important of all, you’re willing to take things slow.

As with any free dating tips or advice, listen to your head as well as your heart, be yourself, be honest, and let things happen naturally for the absolute best outcome.

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