Be a Better Kisser

Kissing can be underrated when it comes to the fact that so many people claim they are good at it. The truth is that most are only good at some kissing but not the whole package. It is an art unto itself that takes practice, calculated moves and most of all, deep felt passion. If you want to be a better kisser heed some of the advice below and maybe the next time you go tongue to tongue she will instantly get moist.

Keep Your Piehole Ready

If you are entering a situation (i.e.: party, bar, club) then you best be making your mouth as fresh and ready as she hopefully is. That means carrying around some mints or mint spray that does the trick (especially if you are a smoker). Sometimes, even a small vial of strong mouthwash will kill any nastiness going on in there. At home do the obvious, floss and brush but do try to scrape your tongue as well. There are hundreds of microscopic grooves on the tongue that hold on to many things you dump in there. Scraping cleans out these grooves and helps you avoid some dreaded, ostracizing halitosis.


If you are still diving in and carving your initials in the back of her throat then you better re-think your technique. Just like when you plunge into her vagina and thrust away like a rabbit on speed making her wish it were over before it began, the same holds true for a rabid, tongue thrusting kisser. Try some technique adjustments and have fun doing it.

• Gentle Start – Women love to be teased so the moment you go in for the kiss go in real slow and real gentle brushing your lips along hers.

• Taste Her – Quickly dart your tongue in as you pass by.

• Nibble – There is a fine line between nibbling and gnawing. To nibble is sensual; to gnaw is annoying. As you perform your gentle ‘brush bys’ give a gentle grab of her lips with your teeth and then let go.

• Kiss Around – Now that you are brushing and nibbling by gently kiss around her mouth. This brings her back to that safe feeling of childhood when her parents would kiss her goodnight. Peck lightly around her mouth, on her chin, under her nose and on her cheeks.

• Go in – Do these routines a couple of times and she will want to suck your entire face off. You will know if you are on the right track when she starts breathing heavy, moaning and moving faster. This is your queue to gently grab her face with both hands, go in and start swirling your tongue around hers while remaining calm and slow as your pant crotch tightens.

You can be a better kisser if you take your time and enjoy every moment. Once you get the hang of it you may need a crowbar to pry her off you.


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