Barsexual: Coming to a Bar near You

A phenomenon has found its way out of college bars right into cities and suburbia. It is when a woman kisses another woman for the sole purpose of turning men on and receiving free drinks. It is called barsexual and is basically a free pass to become a temporary, vanilla lesbian for a night. College students have been doing it for a few years but now it has found a new audience.

Barsexual Scenario: Porn in the Flesh

You enter a rocking pub where the energy is high, the music is just right and the drinks are flowing. Suddenly, at the bar, two women are lip-lock in a deep passionate kiss, instant boner. At first it seems as if you are witnessing a lesbian kiss but then you notice a crowd cheering them on. You ask the guy next to you, “Wtf?” and he yells, “Barsexuals man!” Now the two women, which you also notice are in their late thirties to early forties, are grinding one another as the crowd of men and women cheer. It is a barsexual scenario that reeks of pure, lustful, passion.

Where Does This Happen?

In college town pubs young women fresh out of the nest would (and still do) display barsexual behavior as a dangerous, liberating, exhibitionism. Since then it has been creeping into the thirties and beyond set. Local area bars are seeing more oversexed MILF suburban housewives swapping spit, while their husband’s sit home thinking they are having a girl’s-night-out. Researchers believe it is a kind of sexual escapism in lieu of an actual affair. Friends know where their boundary’s lie which pre-dictates how far such a performance will go, so the safety factor is high. Bars attached to hotels or chain restaurants are an ideal starting point for a barsexual spotting.

Are They Lesbians?

If it were two men they would be labeled homosexuals but for some reason women are getting away with being a non-lesbian barsexual caught up in the moment. However, believe it or not, some guys are turned off at them being straight feeling that it is not an authentic l fantasy. Either way, the spillover into urban and suburban life shows that women seem to be becoming even more open with their display of affection while embracing their sexuality at the same time.

Instigate and Perpetuate

One night, see if you and your boys can initiate a barsexual performance. Simply find a gaggle of girls and start talking within earshot about barsexuals. Eventually, one of you leans over and yells something like, “My friend is asking me what barsexuals are do you know…” and then explain what barsexuals are if they don’t know. After a few laughs offer two of them free drinks to suck face. Then sit back and drool.

Thank goodness some 70’s style exhibitionism has returned. Barsexual women are yet another fine image for the ever so faithful spank bank and an even finer addition to communities throughout this great nation.


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