Making Shower Sex Great

What better place is there to get dirty and wet than the shower? It is a sensual experience rubbing slick, nude, soapy bodies against one another glistening in the dim bathroom light (never turn them on full). The indecipherable groping in the steam, the sweet clean aromas and deep passionate kissing makes for a mind blowing experience. However, it is not like the movies where everything seems perfect, making shower sex great takes preparation as well as intuition. If you set it up right she may even want to skip dinner and get to the dirty cleaning.


The last thing you want is for someone to slip and fall. This can really put a damper on an otherwise ideal scenario as you do not want to snap off your dick mid-thrust. Make sure your shower is clear of all bottles and containers that may go airborne. Also have something to hold on to. You can easily install a suction or permanent shower bar as well as some bottom of the tub no-slip patches. Do not forget outside the tub either. Here, make sure there is a sturdy floor mat for easy entrance and exit.


“Hey let’s have sex in the shower, uh, don’t mind that dark ring around the tub it’s nothing.” No self righteous woman will step into your filth so get on your hands and knees or pay someone to scrub the entire bathroom, not just the tub. When it glistens she will listen.


Washing with cheap, supermarket brand soap is a turn off. Get yourself some of the following for a perfect grab-n-go sexy time:

• Gourmet Soap – Ask her what she does not like in the way of aromas and buy anything but. There are so many stores that sell everything from vanilla, rose and peach smelling soaps to essential oil infused brands containing lavender, lemon and grapefruit.
• Shampoo & Conditioner – Get some top of the line stuff that will impress her like a steak dinner. Women love these products so having something she can enjoy will go a long way. Note: Conditioner is an excellent body rub in the shower.
• Silicone Lube – Sometimes water can wash away natural oils and wetness. Having a silicone lube available will enable you not to miss a step.
• Candles – This always gets women crazy so pepper your bathroom with a bunch of candles and even burn incense if you like.


Depending on the size of your shower will depend on the positions you can create, plus having something to hold on to helps enormously. Standing doggy-still is the ultimate pose but also, when she faces you while you hold up one or two of her legs (are you man enough!) can be real hot.

Exit Strategy

Invest in expensive towels and/or a fluffy robe and she will probably give you another round in the bedroom.

Making shower sex great is basically concentrating on all that she loves because we all know that you’ll have sex anywhere.


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