Premature Ejaculation Exercises – How To Learn More About Them

Couple ExerciseIn addition to treatments like hypnotherapy and serotonin supplements, there are premature ejaculation exercises that can be practiced in order to cure P.E..  Premature ejaculation exercises are often more effective than other forms of P.E. treatment.

One of these exercises is masturbation, which is performed in such a way that the man masters the “start and stop” technique, which then gets used during sexual intercourse to sustain his erection and fulfill his lover. To use masturbation in this way, the man strokes and fondles himself until he reaches the point of excitement where he is only a second or a few seconds away from his point of no return. He should start off masturbating with a dry hand and slowly, only just barely fast enough to feel himself advancing toward climax, because if he’s experiencing problems with P.E. then he may be unaware of his own near-climax point. If he can’t stop in time and ejaculates, he should not try to stop ejaculation, but should just wait until he is able to attain an erection again and then try again. Once he is able to anticipate when he is at his near-climax point, he then stops stroking or fondling himself at that point. He waits for the excitement to subside a little, then starts masturbating again, trying to stop again and again at the same point.

Once he is able to stop himself at least six times in a row at will, he should then add a lubricant. A woman will be wet inside when he enters her and that wetness increases his pleasure, meaning it will now be more difficult for him to stop. He should practice being able to masturbate with a lubricant and stop himself from ejaculation at least six consecutive times as he did with the dry hand. When he feels he has mastered this he should then masturbate with a lubricant in the presence of his woman, and once he’s able to start-and-stop with her he is ready to try the start-and-stop technique with her in actual sexual intercourse.

Another premature ejaculation exercise involves mastering control of the PC muscle (pubococcygeal muscle). This practice involves Kegel exercises. To find his PC muscle, the next time he needs to urinate he deliberately stops the flow of urine in mid-stream and pays careful attention to the muscle that he uses to do that. This is the same muscle that will cut off the flow of semen during orgasm, EXCEPT he will have to learn to tighten that muscle just BEFORE he starts to ejaculate. It is ejaculation, not orgasm that causes sexual intercourse to end. Once he knows what muscle to tighten, he should practice clenching and unclenching it for 10 or 15 minutes a couple of times each day. To see if he’s progressing he can masturbate and see if he can stop his semen from flowing. Once he can do that, he can try it out during sexual intercourse and last longer for his woman’s pleasure, and even experience multiple orgasms for himself.

Premature ejaculation exercises can be found described in detail on the Internet.

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