Internet Dating Tips and Red Flags To Look for

istock_000007007908xsmallWith the proliferation of the internet and its many opportunities for social networking and meeting new people either right in your backyard or all the way across the globe, the possibilities to connect with that special someone are greatly increased. However, there is a certain number of internet dating tips to follow in order to make all of your experiences in the virtual world of dating positive ones.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere for the past decade, you’ve surely heard of the internet dating scene and at least know of some of the many matchmaking and dating sites online today. You may also have even heard of some of the horror stories and scams related to internet dating and how some people’s lives have been completely turned upside down by an unsavory individual.

There are countless numbers of people looking to connect with each other, some for honest reasons, and others, not so honorable.  Here are four sensible tips to keep in mind and a few red flags to watch for when dabbling in the exciting, but sometime precarious realm of internet dating:

1. Be Realistic

If you begin your ventures in online dating by thinking of the internet as a large community of people rather than simply a bevy of computers linked together you’ll be far better equipped to deal with whatever comes your way, good or bad.  Since you probably wouldn’t leave the front door to your home unlocked and wide open while you were away, you also shouldn’t open yourself up completely when it comes to internet dating and instantly trust everyone you “meet.”

2. Money Matters

When it comes to dating someone online, the issue of money should really never come into play.  A rather bright red flag to watch for is if someone you’re dating or talking to via the internet asks you to send them money, whether it’s for their dear grandmother’s heart transplant operation or to pay their electric bill, proceed with extreme caution if you’re even considering parting with your hard earned cash to someone you really don’t know.

Common sense is really what matters most here as the individual circumstances and situations at hand should dictate whether or not you’re simply being scammed.

3. Thief of Hearts

While you may be looking for someone to steal your heart, rest assured there are plenty out there who are looking to steal your money.  Identity theft is a growing problem, especially with the advent of modern communication, including the internet, and for this reason it’s imperative to protect your personal, sensitive information at all times.

4. The Internet and Anonymity

Technically, you can be whoever you want to be while hidden behind a computer screen, and so can anyone else.  With that in mind, when you are just starting to date via the internet as you’re “meeting” new people, keep things light and superficial.  While it’s perfectly acceptable to discuss your favorite music, movies, and books, there’s no need to divulge your entire life’s story, or where you work or where you live within a week of just getting to know someone.

Although meeting someone via the internet can be rather exciting, and countless people have found the love of their lives this way, it only makes perfect sense to protect yourself and always keep the previous internet dating tips at the forefront of your mind.

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