Dating a Woman with a Child

She’s perfect. The only catch is that she has a kid. No need to fret, dating a woman with a child can be done. Below are a few ideas to make this scenario a happy medium without all the messy nonsense so many amateurs seem to run into. Overall, just make sure the kid is not home when you start sucking and spanking each other, that could cause years of therapy.

Take it Slow

The first thing you have to determine is when you will meet the kid. She may have her own time-frame but if she is nonchalant about it, you may want to suggest holding off until you are both sure you are looking at a potentially lasting relationship. The last thing you want to do is meet the kid and then break up shortly thereafter. This is too confusing for a young mind.

Make Sure You Like Midgets

Be honest here. If kids make you cringe then step away because they are the woman’s number one priority. You will always be second fiddle so ask yourself if you can learn to love another man’s creation just as much as you dig the mom. Remember, this means going to nauseatingly boring school events, parties, theme parks, etc. so think long and hard about this one. She may be a great piece of ass but if that is what’s keeping you around then it is probably not the best reason to hang around.

You are not the Pops

No matter how much you end up falling for the kid you are not the dad. That means that you cannot reprimand them like you may want to. Also, whatever you do, do not let the kid call you dad. They have one already regardless of where he is and you should never attempt to take his place. Maybe the kid can call you Mr. Stuntcock.

Dealing with the Real Pops

This can be sticky. Who is the ex and how will he treat you? Find out all you can about your woman’s history with this guy and be extra sure to demand that she be completely honest. Is he violent? Sneaky? Possessive? Know what the potential scenario may hold before meeting the kid because if you have to deal with an ex-husband/boyfriend nut-job you may want to cancel this one. She knows this so it is imperative to obtain full disclosure.

Help Out

This can work in your favor. If you have nieces or nephews you can use them as play dates or babysitters to bring mom and child into your world with ease. She will most likely spin you like a top in bed if you make an effort to keep her kid occupied and happy.

If she is worth it, dating a woman with a child can be a fantastic experience. Know your place, take it slow and refrain from smacking the kid in the head when he or she puts your $500 shoes in the garbage disposal.


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