Things You Don’t Want to Regret When You’re 40

Grab any guy who is forty years old and ask them if they have any regrets. Most will tell you not to do this and make sure you do that but who ever listens? You are going to do what you want to do regardless of any old guy’s advice. The thing is, that old guy was just like you once with his nose in the air and his brain in his pants. Take notice of some of these things you don’t want to regret when you are 40 and if you open your ears and eyes you just may be able to avoid some obvious missteps.

Take Your Money Seriously

Waking up one day without a financial cushion will have you playing catch up well into your sixties. No matter how much money you have, sit down with a professional financial consultant and hammer out a start-up plan. Keep it healthy and current so in time it will grow right under your feet enabling you to own a spectacular portfolio by the time you reach forty.

Don’t Be Cheap but Don’t Be an Idiot

Impulse spending, especially on plastic, will place you on that poisonous financial hamster wheel where you will never get the cheese. Build credit responsibly by paying off your bills on time to keep your score high so when it comes time for more important things like a house, car or kids you’ll be able to borrow without any worries.

Protect Your Image

Photos and videos of you lighting farts, throwing up on yourself or having sex are some of the many images you do not want recorded. These will more often than not come back to bite you in the ass when they are found by your fiancé’, your future kids or an employer. When the camera comes out, you get out.

Tattoos & Piercings

Search for pictures of old guys with tattoos and piercings. Enough said.

Hold Off Marriage

Between thirty and thirty-five is the best time to lock it in. By this point you should be financially stable and have sowed your seeds.

Bag It

You may have been lucky up to this point going in without a raincoat but it is almost inevitable that your dick will end up rotten if you don’t put on a bag fast.


When you do spend your money, spend it on world travel. By the time you marry and have kids travelling will be about them, not you. Get out there and discover.

Get Educated
Knowledge is power. Put off a few party nights per week to learn anything you can to give you that much more of an edge when needed.

Take Care of Your Body

Stop smoking, drinking and drugging so much or you will wake up at forty, overweight and so old looking.

Use these and look around for even more things you don’t want to regret when you’re 40. Hopefully, if you’re careful, you will come out the other end with little to fret about.


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