Tips for Buying a Car

You are finally ready to get your own set of wheels. No more hitching rides with friends, renting cars or relying on smelly public transportation. Follow some of these tips for buying a car and you just may be able to come through unscathed. All it takes is a little patience and to not get caught up in your wide eyes but limited wallet.

List Your Choices

The first thing is to determine whether you want to purchase a new car or a used one. With over two million accidents per year there is a high probability that a used car will most likely have been in a wreck. Carfax is a good company to check if purchasing a used car however not all accidents are reported. The full history of a used car purchase should be disclosed including:

• Amount of previous owners
• Maintenance log
• Prior mechanical problems
• Accident history

A new car will hopefully come with no problems but will of course have a higher monthly price tag. Check with your dealer for used cars that offer a warranty. Many people trade in barely used new cars after only two or three years with low mileage just to trade up. Dealers have to comply with strict standards and practices as opposed to buying privately.

Get Your Credit Score

Unless you are paying cash you will want to know your credit score before embarking on a car buying journey. This determines what kind of financing the dealer can offer regardless of whether you are leasing or purchasing. Also, with a low credit score you have limited haggling room and if this is the case you may want to save up for a used car and pay for it outright.

Research: Shop Around and Get Learned

Get in and drive every car that tickles your fancy. Approach it like a little hobby you’re taking up for a few weeks. Ask friends to drive theirs or visit a dealership. During your research consider these basic concerns:

• If you’re tall, how’s the head and leg room?
• Who will be in your car? Does that back need to be as comfortable as the front?
• Is it so low to the ground when getting out that your back will start to ache?
• Is parking it going to be a problem?

And these basic technical questions:

• Which is it? An economic 4, moderate but quicker 6 or a gas guzzling 8 cylinder?
• Do you need power or just a set of wheels? (punch it onto the highway off the entrance ramp and find out real fast)
• Does it offer standard all-around air bag deployment or is this an add-on?
• Will your insurance go up depending on what model car you purchase?
• Shop for auto loans before using your dealer’s.

These are some tips for buying a car. If you take your time, ask questions and shop around chances are you will end up in something you love.


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