3 Rules to Building Wealth

Finding the correct financial path can be a daunting task, however sticking to a solid plan could slowly build your portfolio and hopefully offer a solid fiscal future. It is the wide variety of texts and pundits that can add to the confusion when all you really need is 3 rules to building wealth. By keeping a simple, steadfast plan there is no reason you should not create a nice cushion or, if you are lucky, obtain all out prosperity that can be the icing on the cake.

1. Hold Future Plans and Don’t Marry a Deadbeat

One of the number one reasons for spousal arguments and often divorce is money. It is imperative to have your financial house in order before you latch on to someone else. Work on eliminating your debt, prioritizing your conservative and high risk investments and most of all create a financially independent lifestyle. Wean yourself off credit and move to debit so you are forced to pay off your purchases. Use cash whenever possible so as not to be tied down to high interest rates and continued excessive bills for ‘stuff’ you really did not need in the first place. Pay off your student loan(s). Also do not get involved with a woman who has no financial responsibility. The minute you slip on that ring you become just as responsible as her for her accrued debt.

2. Crunch Your Numbers

Set up two types of financial goals and you will be able to track how realistic your income can be as opposed to hoping for the best.

• Pick a Realistic Monthly Goal – This number is the number of all your daily needs. Assess everything you spend money on: food, rent/mortgage, clothes, gas/mass transit, utilities, cable vision, etc. Once you have this number add an extra few dollars to it.

• Pick a Monthly Save Goal – This number is what you want to put into your portfolio investments, savings account, long range CD, whatever you can afford to see disappear for a while.

• Pick a Reach Number – This is the number that you will use for other purchases such as electronics, dinners, movies etc.

By setting up a visual chart of these three numbers you may very well see what you need and do not need while increasing your savings and reach numbers exponentially.

3. Secure Your Career

If you want to follow your dream of becoming an actor then don’t marry and get used to living off a fixed low income budget. Instead, research careers out there that offer job security and growth. Currently many facets of green technology, the health care field and education are three choices that will enable you to roll through financially challenging times especially if you focus on a specialized position.

There is a lot of financial advice out there and these 3 rules to building wealth will just get you started. Stay savvy and smart with your finances and hopefully your job and investments will considerably raise your financial worth.


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