Body Language: What does it say about you and others?

Have you ever been talking to someone and even though they are looking straight at you it seems as if they are not listening to a word you are saying? How about when you are working your moves on a woman and you just can’t, for the life of you, figure out what she is thinking? Well there are some interesting telltale signs in the form of body language that can describe a variety of mental inner workings going on. Once you become aware of these, you can use them to your advantage in everything from a job interview to catching someone telling a lie.

The Eyes

It is easy for some to fabricate certain body language to deceive or avoid specific situations however it is almost impossible to control every aspect of your physical response.  When it comes to the eyes, if you know what to look for, they can certainly reveal a few ‘tells’:

• Looking Right – Lying or creating and often accompanied by an ‘uh’, ‘um’, etc. to buy time.

• Looking Left – Recalling or retrieving facts which usually indicates truthfulness.

• Looking Right and Up – Visual imaging, fabrication, lying.

• Looking Right and Down – This indicates a true access of feelings.

• Looking Left and Up – A recall of truthful images.

• Direct eye Contact – Usually truthfulness.

• Dilated Pupils – When the black part widens, she’s attracted.

Is it a True Grin?

Smiling, in many cultures, is considered rude and secretive. According to body language this may have some merit. As you scan the eyes be sure and watch the mouth:

• Tight Lipped Smile – Withholding feelings.

• Twisted Smile – Mixed feelings or sarcasm.

• Head tilted, looking up and smiling – Playful, teasing or coy.

• Lip Biting – Uncomfortable.

Body Dance

There are many body positions that scream internal subtext. Keep vigilant for some of these:

Measured Distance – If someone is attracted to you they will stand as close as possible. Be wary when putting on the moves in a bar if she slowly positions herself as far away from you as possible without being rude.

Hair Play – If she constantly adjusts or twirls her hair while you tell her about your last softball homer, she’ll be at the next game.

Foot Twirl – This is an obvious indication of interest. Combine the foot twirl with the hair play and you better have a box of condoms at the ready.

Your Mirror Image – Subconsciously, if someone wants your attention they will practically mirror your body language. Keep an eye out for this one as it is a clear indicator that good times are ahead.

The Arms –Watch for negative arm positioning such as hands on hips, arms crossed, hands in pockets or clenched fists. These all indicate that you should go away.

Body language can be tricky. Keep open to what you are receiving (and giving) and you just may be able to avoid some toxic situations or get real lucky, real fast.


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