3 Tips for Shaving

She runs her hands over your face and says something like, “Why is your beard so sharp, you just shaved didn’t you?” Sometimes it just seems like you can never get that close cut. You either nick yourself, miss a bunch of spots or end up with road rash from a worn blade. Using these 3 tips for shaving could help you get better results so you end up with cheeks as smooth as a baby’s ass instead of a baboon’s red puckered hole.

1. Map it Out: It’s all in the Grain

This tip is the map before the journey. On your first run, lather up and shave going with the natural downward grain of your hair follicles. Do not press too hard like an animal, instead gently glide over the foam. Now rinse, apply and roll against the grain, this time adding some pressure. The finished product is like a gym floor.

2. Do it in the Tub

Well, after you do it in the tub then shave there too. During a shower, follow these preparatory steps and then proceed to above tip #1.

• Gets the hot steam going.

• Wash your sack, hair, etc.

• If you condition, condition now.

• Use a loofa or facial scrub and gently start exfoliating your face. You can also use a washcloth. This opens the hair follicles, raising them up.

•  Apply shaving cream. Do not cheap out here, your cream should be lubricating so look for that word and don’t worry about all the other bells and whistles.

• Shave (following tip #1)

Note: If you shave in the shower you will want to invest in a good non-steam mirror. If you cannot shave in the shower then apply the above shaving tips at the sink.

3. Post Care

Aftershave formulas mostly contain alcohol which will shock and sometimes even irritate your skin. Although the sting may feel good you will want to avoid them and instead use soothing creams that also contain sun protection which will stave off those wrinkles for a while. Straight aloe Vera gel (which can be purchased in most health food stores) works really well at soothing and healing the skin. Keep it in the refrigerator and after a shave slap on this cold, inflammation reducing gel and literally hear your skin saying, “Ahhhhhhhhh.” After the aloe dries, then feel free to apply your sun protecting cream.

Make sure you invest in a good double, triple or even quadruple blade using it a maximum of four or five times only. The ones with the lubricating strips are also an excellent addition to make these 3 tips for shaving that much more successful. Dry, electric shavers work best if they are waterproof. Follow all the necessary above steps with an electric shaver and the results should be the same. After you finish shaving, go rub your face on hers and make the two of you late for work.


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