How to Purchase a Gun

When you need to make a midnight money drop at your local bank you better learn how to purchase a gun. Below are some ways you can get started on figuring it all out. Do remember; after you obtain your cannon you better learn how to use the damn thing because if you do not shoot straight, the other guy will.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Laws have tightened over the years as more and more mental freaks decide to take out anything that reminds them of their video game addiction. However, for the majority of the United States all it takes is plunking down a few hundred bucks to a few thousand, showing I.D. and filling out a background check application. Once the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) spits back your approval (immediately or up to three days) you will become the proud owner of your very own personal death tool. Illinois and Washington D.C. are the hardest states/district to purchase a gun. New York, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware and Maryland are difficult. And Florida, Maine, Missouri, Colorado, New Hampshire and South Carolina you must be a resident. The rest are like stealing candy from a baby.

Protecting Your Family, Stereo and Porn Stash

If you are purchasing a gun for the sole purpose of protection you will need to consider a few things.

1. The Fit – It is essential to choose the weapon that is easily maneuverable. It must fit in your hand with ease and not be so heavy that it will weigh you down in a shoot out or tight situation.

2. Recoil – If the gun is kicking back with intense force each time you fire it may not be right for you. Although more powerful, it will dissuade you from target practice and could affect your accuracy. The best choice with decent power and minimal recoil is a 9mm, 38 Special or .380 ACP.

3. Brand Name – The more reputable the manufacturer the more chances your weapon will not misfire. Look for such brand names as: Smith and Wesson, Glock, Ruger, Colt, Beretta, Browning, Sig-Sauer and Kel-Tec.

Revolver or Semi Automatic

These two designs have their advantageous and disadvantageous. A revolver is easy to clean and if it misfires simply requires another pull of the trigger. However, it can be bulky and has minimal ammunition capacity. A semi-automatic is more concealable, lighter, reloads easier and fires many more rounds but it is harder to clean and harder to remedy a misfire.

Dealer or Trade Show

Most dealers have higher prices than trade shows. Trade shows offer more varieties and competitive pricing however if you buy at a trade show out of state they have to ship it to your state dealer who does all the background paperwork so you could pay almost double.

Knowing how to purchase a gun will enable you to get the best firepower for your mind you’re your money. It will also keep you confident and cool under fire.


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