Metrosexual: Women Will Notice

For centuries the homosexual community has been notorious for superb taste in everything from fashion to cooking. Regardless of their taste in each other, they have surely shown the world that, generally speaking, they know how to maintain a high quality of living. In 1994 the term metrosexual appeared in an article by Mark Simpson. However, it wasn’t until almost a decade later that it found its way into the American vernacular. It is a lifestyle of straight men with their own superb taste in fashion, music, food and the like. Here are some metrosexual tips.

Groom It: Caveman Be Gone

Women like a well groomed body and the metrosexual knows just how to deliver. Manscaping is a must so get yourself some clippers and get buzzing. This means trimming down the man-bush which, for you length challenged fellas, will make your tool look a lot bigger than just a head peeking out of a smelly Osama Bin Laden beard. You may not want to take it all off unless you want to look like a five year old boy, but some guys (and girls) don’t mind the gym floor look. Trim your underarms and your chest hair too. If you are full of fuzz, get over to a laser removal business and after a few sessions your woman will be rubbing herself all over your body.

Put It In A Nice Wrapper

Nothing is more of a turnoff to the ladies than a fashion challenged man. Peruse some men’s magazines and take a gander at what they are wearing. You can go L.L. Bean to GQ but make sure you match your colors and patterns correctly. Keep your wardrobe up to date and for God’s sake keep your clothes clean. Gay men and women friends are perfect for advice so don’t be afraid to ask for help.





Set Up the Crib

Look around your place; does it look like a frat house? Are you using lawn chairs around a card table for a dining room? It’s time for interior design so when you bring home someone they don’t cringe at your faux pas decor. A true metrosexual will have a home that flows in color and style. Again, check out magazines or take a field trip to a furniture store with one of the above mentioned friends. Sprinkle around some tasteful art, get a real set of dishes, wine glasses and silverware and throw down some sharp looking rugs.

Get Cooking

Taking a cooking class will not only enable you to learn how to whip up a perfect meal it will also teach you how to order off a menu like a pro. Women will be wowed when you serve (or order) an Italian risotto with the wine to match. It is a talent most other men will be jealous you possess.

Living a metrosexual lifestyle will not make you less of a man it will heighten your confidence and desirability. Give it a try and watch the women turn their heads your way.


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