The Truth About Saturated Fats

Many government run organizations have jumped on the ‘ban trans-fats’ wagon. Citing the irresponsibility of obese, health care draining citizens, restaurants were forced to remove all trans-fats from their menus. Nobody seemed to mind Big Brother taking away their artery clogging vices, surely there were other means to an end like sugar, white flour, food dyes, alcohol and tobacco to name a few. Because of this affront on trans-fats however, saturated fats also fell into the crosshairs. In reality, these fats might not be so bad after all. Learn the truth about saturated fats and how they just may be the dietary patsy.

What the Heck is Saturated Fat?

These are fats derived mainly from meat, dairy and eggs as well as coconut, palm and palm kernel oil. They are usually solid at room temperature and are used to give foods their firm texture such as with cheese, nut butters, cookies, chocolate and ice cream.

Theory vs. Fact

Many scientific studies have determined that saturated fat is one of the many links to causing heart disease. However, the evidence to back up these studies turns out to be only a hodgepodge of theories that have somehow been touted as fact. Its inception began with an inconsistent testing by a physiologist named Dr. Ancel Keys in 1953. Keys studied the dietary habits of six countries for their heart disease deaths and fat intake comparison. The U.S., with the highest fat intake, came in first as the other five steadily declined. It was therefore determined that the consumption of fat caused heart disease. However, several other scientists refuted Key’s finding showing studies from twenty-two countries and how this link alone, without considering other unhealthy cultural practices, did not apply. Still, Key’s study has been cited as ‘fact’ to this day.

It’s Not So Bad

Of course over-consuming anything is going to screw you up but moderate intake of most things, besides heroine, can be handled. This includes saturated fat which fuels energy. By storing it as body fat, it is used to burn later. Essentially, every time you exercise it is as if you are eating lard to power your muscles. If saturated fat is so bad for you, most people would be dropping dead on the treadmill. In fact, one chemical type of saturated fat (stearic acid) is converted by the liver into oleic acid which is the same component found in olive oil, which is healthy for your heart.

Maybe it’s A Sham

Some theorize that the highly profitable vegetable oil industry has manipulated this ‘fact’ using Key’s study to scare the consumer into purchasing healthy vegetable oils. Ahhh…corporate greed, our free enterprise collateral damage.

Basically, the truth about saturated fats is that they probably will not squeeze the life out of you like trans-fats, smoking, stress, lack of exercise, alcohol or an unhealthy diet to name a few. However, go easy on them just as you would if you began to chafe after too many jack-off sessions.


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